A great house can be easily obtained if one has enough money and a good taste: peaceful neighborhood, perfect layout, pristine interiors, pleasant exteriors, and powerful security. This goes a long way in satisfying desires that are both real and legitimate. Yet, there lies a more profound longing in the heart of every being, a longing which superficial pleasures cannot meet. That desire for a good home.
The index for measuring the level of goodness of a home does not lie in the décor or the financial statement from the bank. It sits firmly in the state of affairs and activities in the home. It is hinged on the players of every role, the attitude of every member and, most importantly, the LEADERSHIP of the household.

The leadership of the household is of great importance because the home front is the quarry site for society. It is the basic and essential building block of society. Whatever happens in the home front is projected to the rest of humanity. The family bears the primary responsibility for the education and socialization of each of its members, especially the children. The home front is the place where values of citizenship, as well as belonging in the society, are instilled.
Leadership in the home front is no small matter. Over the last few decades our culture has redefined the meaning and responsibilities of men and women in the society and in the home. Growing up, most men lacked a model for leadership at home. Worse still is the fact that many more have no clue at all, no mental picture of what it means to lead a family. On the other hand, the social shifts brought about by the women’s liberation movement have led to such confusion that the idea of roles becomes ‘hate speech’ to so many women. At this time, perhaps more than at any other time in history, it is important to take a critical look into this subject of Leadership in the Home Front.

The office of a husband:

‘HUSBANDHOOD’ is an office; and that office is designated to A MAN ONLY. The husband is the head of the home. Headship implies authority. The Lord God Himself has given this authority to the husband, not to be a tyrant or a cruel ruler. Rather to lead his wife and family in the nurture, admonition and fear of God, and for the improvement of society. Only a wicked and sinful man will seek to enslave his wife and family with his authority. This results in broken homes, delinquent children and a disintegrate society.

The office of a wife:

Another key office in the home is the office of a wife. It is occupied chiefly by a woman. The woman that sits in this office is second to none but the man that occupies the husband’s office. A wife is specifically A HELPER (not a head or a lord). The word ‘submission’ has evolved to become one that stirs up strive and hostility among many women. They feel as if they lose their identity and freedom if they adhere to some type of ‘outdated standard.’ This is a misconception that has led to mismatched priorities and a lot of confusion in homes today.
Leadership in the home front is not limited to a particular member of the family. Seeing the enormity of the task of home front leadership, it will be devastating to leave the assignment to the father alone or to the mother alone. It is a collective responsibility that demands that both the husband and the wife play their specific roles diligently.

Author: Mercy Oluwafunmito Adebisi

I am Mercy Oluwafunmito Adebisi; popularly called Peculiar-Inspiro. I am a Christian Writer, an Editor, an E-book Publisher, and a Writing Coach. My desire to make Christian Stories easily accessible to readers lead to the birth of this Christian Story Spot. Do you feel the need to bury yourself in the pages of Christian Writings? Or you want to read interesting and inspiring Christian Stories? You are just in the right place. I pray you get your questions answered as you read. God bless.

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