Written by: Ebosa Monday

“Haaaaa! Damilola thinks he can destroy my shrine and escape? Never!” Baba Aro shouted as he entered his compound.

He had ordered his boys to go round the town and find Damilola.

“My idol, my gods, the great Orisa has been humiliated by my own son! Haaaa!” He exclaimed again as he entered the house.

Damilola hid himself in Shade’s room.

Baba Aro entered the house with great fury and walked straight to his secret chambers. He has the plan of staying there to invoke all the demons he controls in the spiritual realm both to empower himself and also to destroy Damilola, but as he entered the chamber, the first thing that met his gaze was the burnt head of Orisa on the floor.

“Haaaa! Mo te! (I’m doomed!). Orisa mi, e ma binu si mi (My gods, please, don’t be angry with me). Nko le daabo bo o lowo omo okurin mi (I could not protect you from my son)!” He shouted.

As he was mourning, sitting on the floor, he was suddenly struck by lightning. With a shout, he fell with a loud thud.

The noise of his shout and sudden silence made his wife to rush in to find out what was happening.

“Haaaa! Jowo, wa ooo. Baba ti ku ooo! (Please, come ooo. Baba is dead!)” She screamed as soon as she got in.

Damilola and the others quickly went to meet her. She was crying.

“Let’s take him to the hospital!” Shade suggested.

“No! This is not hospital case. We need to take him to church for prayers!” Damilola said.

While they were making preparations to take him to the church, they heard sporadic gun shots.

Everyone in the compound were scrambling for safety. People ran into their compound to take shelter.

Then, they heard one of the cult boys shouting from outside, “Baba, jowo, ran wa lowo ooo. Ogun wa ni ilu naa! Awọn ọlọpa ati awọn ọmọ-ogun n pa wa! (Baba, please help us oo.There is war in the town! The policemen and soldiers are killing us!)”

Dami’s mum came outside to meet him.

“What about the others?” She asked him as he entered the house. He was breathing heavily.

“I don’t know their state now, but the attack was horrible. I just have to escape!” He said.

“Kola, you know the consequences of escaping from danger when your brothers are in the war front!” Dami’s mum told him.

“I had to escape so I come and tell Baba Aro what is happening!” He said.

He looked at her and when he saw Damilola, he stood up in shock.

“Is this not the bastard we are looking for that led us to have a counterattack with the Force men?” He asked angrily.

“Where is Baba Aro? This boy must die today!” Kola said.

“Watch your tongue, young man. My son is not a bastard! And for Baba Aro, he is unconscious right now!” She said.

“Haaaa! We are finished!” He shouted.

“But you are still alive! God spared you from death because he loves you and wants you to surrender your life to Jesus. My father had led you all in the path of darkness, but today, that darkness is trying to destroy both him and you all. The only way out of this bondage is Jesus Christ!” Damilola said as he tried to convince him.

“Gbénu sohun! (Shut up)! What do you know? Do you know how many people I have killed and blood that I have drank? Do you know what I have seen with my eyes? Do you know where I have been, both physically and spiritually? Do you know number of demons that lives in me? You are talking rubbish!” Kola said.

“Don’t be stubborn, Kola. You know who I was before. I was worst than you and all the cult boys, but Jesus saved me. Also, look at my mother and my siblings. They’ve been saved from the enslavement of darkness. There is nobody too bad to be saved by Jesus Christ!” Damilola said.

Kola became aggressive. The demons in him were becoming uncomfortable with Damilola’s preaching.

“Get away from me! I don’t need your Jesus! I’d rather die than being foolish like you!” He said as he stepped out of the house.

“If you die a slave of Satan, you will go to Hell fire! Kola, please, surrender your life now to Christ Jesus. He will forgive you your sins and deliver your soul from eternal destruction!” Damilola pleaded with him.

“Go away from me! I don’t need your Jesus!” Kola shouted. He ran outside and left the compound.

Immediately he stepped outside the compound and tried to run for safety into an uncompleted building located a little distance from the compound, a bullet hit his head from behind. He fell down, dead.

Damilola decided to pray for his father.

He and the rest of the family prayed for sometime, but Baba Aro didn’t wake up.

When there was momentary silence in the area, they quickly called some neighbors who helped them to carry Baba Aro into a vehicle and they drove off to the church.

When they got to the church, they carried Baba Aro into the compound.

Some brethren came to attend to them. They were surprised to see Damilola and also afraid to touch Baba Aro’s body.

“Please, I understand that the service is still ongoing…” Damilola said.

“No, we stopped the service and have been praying since we heard about the gun battle going on between the Force men and the cultists” one of the brothers said.

“Okay, but please, let’s take him to the prayer room. He is unconscious now and this calls for immediate response of prayers, please!” Damilola pleaded.

They eventually listened and assisted him to carry Baba Aro into the prayer room. Some brethren were already there praying for a lady who was brought to them.

The lady was screaming and shouting as they prayed for her.

“Ronke!” Damilola exclaimed.

👉 The devil cannot give you lasting security. He will use you and then dump your soul in Hell fire. Only Jesus can save you now!

👉 The fire is giving to burn and bulldoze every work of the devil. It is to save your family, friends and fellow workers from Satan’s claws.

👉 You cannot tell when, where and how you or others will die. Don’t delay to surrender to Jesus Christ and don’t delay to preach him to others.

👉 There is no one outside the reach of God’s mercy, love and power! There is no sin too horrible that he cannot forgive. Let Jesus in today

Episode 9 will be uploaded soon.

Author: Mercy Oluwafunmito Adebisi

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