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Damilola, when he discovered that his father had left the house to go to the great shrine, came out of his hiding and went home. He went straight to his father’s sacred Chambers and thankfully wasn’t caught by anyone.

When he got to the chamber, he began to pray.

As he was praying, the image of Orisa that was in the room began to cry. Blood was coming out from its eyes and nose. Then it began to burn. Damilola cautiously made sure the fire didn’t spread to destroy the room.

He destroyed every other image found in the room and carried all the amulets and talisman found there.

As he came out of the room and walked to the sitting room, he met his mother and siblings.

Damilola’s mother was not an ordinary woman, but one with powers. She was the daughter of the great chief Ajagun, who was in charge of the great Orisa shrine that Damilola destroyed. She was far stronger than Baba Aro, who took over from Ajagun, at his death after getting married to her.

She has been on low key in the display of her supernatural powers because of her respect for her husband, but ever since Damilola became a Christian, her anger and fury had been cooking up against him.

Now, she could not take it anymore.

“Ka bo o, omo mi. E ku se (Welcome o, my child. Well done)” she said sitting directly opposite where Damilola was standing with Adeyemi and Shade by her sides.

“Mààmi, ekààrò” Dami greeted.

She stood up.

“The child that wants to give his parents headache does not value his own head!” She said .

“Mum, I understand you are angry with me, but I want to let you know that the reign of darkness in this land and in this house has come to an end!” Damilola said boldly.

“I see you have grown wings, but today that wing will be broken!” She said.

“Mum, you depend on the devil for power, but greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world!” Dami said.

“Pa enu re mò (shut up your mouth)!” What do you know? When I gave birth to you, you were dedicated to Orisa. Now, you think you can turn your back on us? Iro lo pa! (You lie!)” She said and commanded Adeyemi to slap him.

Adeyemi obeyed, but as he raised his hand to slap Damilola, it got stock in the air.

“Haaaa! I can’t bring my hands down!” He shouted.

Their mother began to chant out some incantations, but Damilola was just looking at her.

“Today, you will regret ever turning back on your family! Now I command you to knee down!” She said angrily.

“Mààmi, I only kneel to God and not at the demonic commands of any mortal man!” Damilola said boldly.

“Haaa! You dare to disobey my orders?” She shouted and began to make another incantation again.

“Mummy, don’t waste your time. It will not work!” Dami said.

“I command you to become blind now!” She said.

Dami kept on looking at her.

She was shocked, same was Shade.

“All power, both in heaven and on Earth has been given to Jesus! Nothing you do can affect me, mum. You are fighting against God!” Dami told her.

“You are foolish!” She said as she began to walk around the house making incantations.

Then she threw something like lightning at Dami, but the lightning struck Shade on the ground.

Shade screamed as she groaned in pain.

“Mummy, please, surrender to Jesus now, lest you kill your own children by yourself!” Damilola said to her.

By this time, the sun was up again.

She became sober seeing Shade crying and Adeyemi groaning in pain with his hands still hung up.

She sat down and looked at Damilola.

“Why are you doing this to us! Leave now, before your father comes back, if not he won’t spare you!” She said with a calm and relaxed tone.

Damilola was surprised at the sudden change in her voice. She was now calm and sober. All her fury and angry look had gone.

“Only Jesus can deliver this family from the bondage and enslavement of the devil. Mummy, you have served the devil enough, why not try Jesus! You can see that His power is greater than all the powers you have trusted in” Damilola said.

He laid his hands on Adeyemi and immediately, he (Adeyemi) brought his hands down.

He (Dami) stooped down and prayed for his sister who was almost giving up, but through the prayers, she was revived, healed and made whole.

This brought great conviction on the mother.

She broke down in tears crying and asked Dami to pray for her.

They all went down on their knees and were prayed for.

They surrendered their lives to Christ Jesus.

As soon as they ended the prayers, Baba Aro entered the compound…

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Author: Mercy Oluwafunmito Adebisi

I am Mercy Oluwafunmito Adebisi; popularly called Peculiar-Inspiro. I am a Christian Writer, an Editor, an E-book Publisher, and a Writing Coach. My desire to make Christian Stories easily accessible to readers lead to the birth of this Christian Story Spot. Do you feel the need to bury yourself in the pages of Christian Writings? Or you want to read interesting and inspiring Christian Stories? You are just in the right place. I pray you get your questions answered as you read. God bless.

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    We’ve been blessed and are eagerly waiting for the next episode.

    God bless you for posting this awesome story.

    1. Ewetola Moyofoluwa says:

      I have been really blessed.

      Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world.

      I must do exploit for God in my generation.


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