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The Second Day:

Ronke sat in her house, fuming with anger and fury; “Haaaaa! Emi… Omó afefe (Child of the Wind)! Ina to o jo ni Ogunja (The fire that burns in Ogunja)! Haaaaa! Mo te! Damilola… Damilola… O laya lati doju ko mi (You challenged me)? I will make you regret what you did to me!” She said as she went into her inner chamber.

She stood before her standing mirror and made some incantations, after which she called Damilola’s name three times. At the third time, she saw fire on her mirror.

“Haaaaa! Ina (fire)! Damilola, o ran ina si mi (You sent fire to me)? Haaaaa! Iro lo pa (you lie)!” She laughed and jumped up and down her room, then she came back to the mirror, and continued her incantations.

“Ẹnikẹni to ba fi ina ṣere nina a jo, O laya lati doju ko mi (Anyone who plays with fire, must be burnt)! Damilola, O ti ko igi jọ, o si ti fẹ ina si, oya, gba ina re! (you have gathered the wood and also fan the flame, now, take the fire)!” She shouted as she released fire from her mouth.

The fire returned and engulfed her.

She ran out shouting, “Ina! Mon jo! (Fire! I am burning)!”

Some of the neighbors around quickly intervened. She was rushed to the hospital immediately.

Damilola was still on his knees praying in the room.

The District Police Officer in that community was replaced and a new person came into office. As soon as he arrived, he got the report of the planned cult clash, so he started making preparations to curb it.

“Oga, this fight is not our fight. We have never meddled in the affairs of this particular cult clash in this community. The last time we did, we lost 20 of our men. Even after the clash, they were still brutal against us, killing and maiming any police man seen outside. This cult clash is a diabolic one involving the two notable and deadly cult groups in Ogunja. They have the backing of the two most feared and diabolic native doctors in this state. I’m talking about the person of Baba Aro and Baba Ogunlaja. These two are patrons to each of these cult groups!” One of the police men cautioned.

“Wait, you mean the infamous juju priest, Baba Aro lives in this town?” The DPO asked him.

“Yes sir!” The sergeant said.

“Hmmm…” The DPO sighed and relaxed on his chair.

“In addition sir, this clash is called ‘Fight for Supremacy’, done once in every year. This is the reason why they hate the interference of the police or Army!” The sergeant said.

The DPO closed his eyes and thought deeply on what he had been told.

Then he rose up and said; “The more we keep allowing these people to perpetrate their godless and nefarious actions, the more lives we will lose. I am ready to risk my life to save this community!” The DPO said.

“Haaa! Sir! Please, this risk is not worth taken! Even if they can not kill you during their fight, they will kill us and also hunt your family down till they have killed every one. Sir, please, let us take caution and leave this people alone!” The sergeant said.

“Sergeant Wole!” The DPO called with authority.

“Sir!” He answered with a salute.

“Why are you a police man?” The DPO asked.

“To protect the lives and properties of the people of the community, sir!” He said.

“Then, go and gather your men. We are going to fulfil the purpose of our assignment as policemen in this community!” The DPO said. Sergeant Wole turned to leave the office with a grim look.

Miracle and Deliverance Ministry organized a prayer meeting for the community and there a huge number of people were present. Pastor Giwa was the one leading the prayer.

“Brethren, we are going to pray. Agbara eyikeyi, ti a yan lodi si ogo Ọlọrun ni ilẹ yii, ki won tuka nipa ina! (Any power, striving against the glory of God in this land, scattered by fire)! Adura… (prayer)!!

The people went wild in prayer.

“A ba ibajẹ ẹjẹ silẹ ni agbegbe yii! A ba angẹli iku wi ni ilẹ yii! Gbadura! Gbadura! (We rebuke the shedding of blood in this community! We rebuke the angel of death in this land!Pray!Pray!)” The pastor said as he charged the people to pray.

They prayed…

Damilola was still in his room praying.

The house was becoming unusually hot.

Baba Aro went outside to take fresh air, due to the heat he was feeling inside the house. He thought it was the weather.

“But there is cool breeze outside. What is happening in my house?” He asked himself.

Suddenly, Adeyemi and Shade cried out from inside the house, “Ina ooo! (Fire oo)”

Baba Aro went inside to know what was happening.

“Nibo ni ina wa? (Where is the fire)!” He asked Shade.

“Mi o mo (I don’t know), Bààmi …” She said crying.

“Haaaaa! Ori min jo oo (My head is burning)! Baba, e ran mi lowo, ejor! (Help me, please!)” Adeyemi pleaded.

Their mother too was feeling uneasy. She took the children outside.

But outside the house things were calm.

“So, what was all the crying about? Mase yo mi lenu nigba miiran (do not disturb me next time)!” Baba Aro said as he resumed his position on his chair outside.

Dami was weak, due to the fasting, still he kept on praying.

“Lord, do something! Father, visit me!” He prayed with passion.

Aganwo didn’t go outside, even though he felt the heat more where he was seated, still his eyes were fixed on the corridor.

Some of the cult boys came to meet Baba Aro outside.

“Baba, wahala wa oo (there is trouble oo)!” Sowore said.

“Kilo n ṣẹlẹ? (What happened?)” Baba Aro asked him.

“Baba, awọn ọkunrin ọlọpa ati awọn ọmọ-ogun wa ni ayika ilẹ naa! (There are police men and soldiers all around the land)!” Sowore said as he sat on the ground closed to him.

“Haaaaa! They want to die? They want to lose their lives for nothing? Ma beru. Ko si ohun ti yoo ṣẹlẹ (Don’t fear. Nothing will happen)!” Baba Aro said.

“E se, (thanks) baba!” Sowore said.

Damilola was still praying. His voice, though faint, yet he kept on praying.

He cried, groaned and called on God.

“Lord, release your fire upon me. Give me the power to accomplish your purpose for the deliverance of this community. Jesus, empower me!”

He continued to pray until the night. His knees were aching, so he lied flat on the floor praying and crying out to God.

At around 1:00am the next day, being Sunday, an unusual wind blew and entered the house. Everyone was deeply asleep, including Aganwo.

Damilola was awake, but in the floor, praying and crying.

Then suddenly, he was lifted off the ground.

He was strengthened and he felt something like a burning flame inside of him. As he opened his mouth to shout, he spoke out in an unknown tongues.

He fell down on the ground praying with renewed power and strength.

👉 Acts 1:8 KJV, And ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you!

👉 Can you tarry for the power? Can you pay the price of clinging unto God for the sake of your generation?

👉 See them dying! Look at your generation wasting away in sin and darkness! Will you let them die and go to Hell Fire because you lack the Holy Ghost fire?

👉 Brother/Sister, please, pay the price!

Watch out for Episode 6.

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Glory be to God.

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Author: Mercy Oluwafunmito Adebisi

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