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“We are going to detain him there for three days. I know he used to like food. This will make him regret ever turning against his own father!” Baba Aro said as he locked Dami’s room with a big padlock.

He had taken his phone so that he won’t communicate with anyone while in detention. He issued a warning to his children never to go near the room, but he never knew that he had just released the boy into the working hands of God.

“Sowore!” He called one of the boys.

“Baba mi! (My man.)” The person answered as he rushed to meet Baba Aro.

“In 3 days, prepare the ritual items. Damilola will carry the basin full of blood to the great shrine where we will perform the rituals. Hope you have sent for the ritual items?” Baba Aro asked.

“Baba, I have done that. In fact, Dele, the Killer just called me that they have gotten the 10 virgins you told us to bring. Also, Kolawole, the bastard sniper, has also been able to get the heads of 7 premature babies. All the ritual items are ready, Baba!” Sowore said.

“Very good. Very good. Make sure those heads are preserved with those concoction I gave you. For the virgins, try to do what I told you about them. I don’t want any failure!” Baba Aro said.

“Ah! Baba, we have never failed you just as you have never failed us. We will do as you command.” Sowore said.

“Sowore, you know that if we win this fight, both your group and myself will be greatly respected and honoured in this town and outside this town. We own this town! Awa la ni ilu yii (This town belongs to us)!” Baba Aro said with a high charge.

“Bèèni, baba. Bèèni!” (Yes, Baba Yes.)

“Awa ni yio segun ija yii (We will win this fight)!” Baba Aro said with a high tone.

“Ah! Baba, bèèni ooo! (Baba Yes.)” All the boys responded.

“Pa, ta eje sile, ki o pa gbogbo won run. (Kill, shed blood and destroy them all)!” He said, this time furiously.

“Bèèni, Baba! A o pa gbogbo won run (We will kill them all)!” The boys shouted.

“Emase da enikeni si ki o ma ba se eleri o. (Leave no witness o). Mo gbodo fi ori olori won mu eje. (I must drink blood from the head of their leader)!” Baba Aro said.

Suddenly, his eyes became as red as blood, emitting some diabolic lights all around the room.

All the boys went into some kind of frenzy as they began to shout and chant different incantations to keep themselves from the effects of the light coming from Baba Aro’s eyes which may kill anyone who refused to chant the necessary incantations.

“Pa gbogbo won! (Kill them all)! Mo ni, pa gbogbo won (I say, Kill them all)!” Baba Aro said with another voice different from his initial voice.

At this, all the boys went flat on the ground with their faces downward.

Baba Aro came back to his normal self and said, “E le ma lo bayi (You can go now)!”

The boys rose up and ran outside the house, but one of them, Aganwo stayed behind.

(Miracle and Deliverance Ministry)

The pastor, while in his office received a disturbing call about the demise of Elijah.

“Oh God, the enemies has struck again! The last time, it was brother Tayo who was gruesomely murdered while doing his morning cry. Sister Sonia was raped and killed on her way back from church and Elder Silas was kidnapped and killed, even after ransom was paid. Jesus, come to our rescue in this community!” Pastor Giwa said.

He was in a board meeting with his fellow pastors.

“Pastor, Elijah was killed because of his connection with that new brother, Damilola that got converted three months ago.” Pastor Durojaye said.

“Ah! Damilola! Pastor, I know that boy. He is the son of the mastermind behind the evil and atrocities going on in this community. I’m talking about Baba Aro!” Jide, the youth leader said.

“Heyyyy… Mo gbe! (I’m doomed.) You mean that boy that has been so zealous and committed, preaching everywhere is Baba Aro’s son? Pastor, this calls for serious caution and precaution!” Deaconess Funke said.

“Hmmm… I heard, Damilola was in Elijah’s house when all this happened. Damilola was seriously beaten and thrown into a dry gutter while Elijah was carried away to be killed. They later came back to cart Dami away to Baba Aro’s house!” Pastor Durojaye explained.

“How can a man be this heartless and wicked? No pity for even his own son!” Pastor Giwa commented. He sighed deeply and said, “Brethren, this calls for serious prayers. The set time for the deliverance of this community is at hand! Rise up now. We are going to pray.”

They all stood up and launched into fervent prayers for the community.

“O Lord, deliver this community from the hands of Satan! Set the captives free! Father, arise… Jesus, arise… Holy Ghost arise!!!” Pastor Giwa said as he led the prayer.

After they had prayed for some minutes, Pastor Giwa said, “Brethren, please, open your eyes and sit down. We need to address this issue critically. I remember the announcement made some days ago that there is going to be a cult clash in this community and it is going to take place in 7 days time from now. We cannot afford to mourn again. God must do something! Also, the Holy Spirit dropped a great insight into my spirit while we were praying.”

“Ehen… please sir, what did he say?” they asked him.

“The salvation of that boy, Damilola was not by accident. It is like God went to the house of the devil and pick up one of his (the devil’s sons), so he can stage a battle with him. The Holy Spirit said, ‘the deliverance of this community is in the hands of Damilola!” The pastor said.

“Hallelujah! God has raised someone!” Jide exclaimed excitedly.

“But how is he going to accomplish this? He is still living with his father!” Pastor Durojaye said.

“That’s why we need to pray for him. Let us rise up and intercede for him right now. He needs our prayers!” Pastor Giwa said.

They rose up, held their hands and began to intercede fervently for Damilola.

“O God, work on him to fulfil your purpose. Holy Ghost, cook him up with your fire. Empower him. Empower him. Empower him!” Pastor Durojaye said as he prayed.

“Let us pray that God will create a wall of fire around him and protect him from every demonic influence of his father. That God would make him whom he want him to be. Shall we pray!” Pastor Giwa said.

They prayed for about an hour before leaving the church.

Damilola woke up and knelt down in his room, his eyes filled with tears and his heart burdened for the land. He cried as the sweet memories of Elijah floods his imagination.

Elijah’s voice flooded his mind; “For there to be a change in this community, there must a shift in the Spiritual realm!”

“We need the Holy Ghost!”

“Ah! God, help me!” Dami cried as he prayed. He tarried on his knees all through that night, drawing strength from the Throne Room.

“Aganwo!” Baba Aro called one of the boys that usually attend to him in the great shrine.

“Baba mi!” He responded.

“Guide that corridor very well. I know Damilola’s room is locked, but I don’t trust anybody. He must not escape. If it ever happen, you will pay for it with your life!” Baba Aro Aro.

“Ah! Baba, it will never happen! If it happened, cut off my head!” Aganwo said with confidence.

“You have said it!” Baba Aro said and walked away.

Damilola gained strength and continued to pray,

“Father, break the strongholds of Satan in this land in the name of Jesus!” He cried out as he groaned in prayer

👉 Powers are real!

👉 All powers, both in heaven and on Earth has been given to Jesus Christ and He has transferred it to the church (John 1:12; Luke 10;19). Let us utilize the power of God for the defeat of the kingdom of darkness in our land.

👉 Stand fast and be strong! The battle is the Lord’s!

👉 For we wrestle, not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, and powers; against the rulers of darkness of this world and against Spiritual wickedness in high places. Therefore, pray, pray and pray.

👉 Only one option you have of the two; pray now or be a prey!

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