Those that do evil in the sight of God and provoke him to anger cannot prosper.📌

Our discussion this afternoon revolves around the life of a man in II Kings Chapter 1.

The Chapter opens up with the story of Ahaziah. He was a king who had rebelled against God and switched allegiance from him. Not too long, Moab also rebelled against Israel.

We learn here that when Men break their convenant with us and neglect their long time duty to us, we should reflect upon our own breach of Convenant with God and how we neglected our duty to him.

When a man rebels against God, good things will rebel against him.


Ahaziah did not go to Battle with Moab since he definitely knew God was not with him and he could be killed on the battlefield yet he fell down through a Lattice in his own home and it was severe.

Wherever we go, there is but one step between us and death.

A place (a man’s home and security) cannot secure him from God’s wrath.

“The snare is laid for him in the ground and a trap for him in the way.”

Anyone that is an enemy of God is never safe.

Sadly, the next thing Ahab could think of was sending people to the god of Ekron. He gave the honour that was due to God to the devil.

It is very wicked to consult the devil.

It reigns in the world but seem to be creeping into the midst of Christians. We think there is no God in Israel (in our local assemblies) and make flesh our arm. It is wrong.

At the end, doom was announced to Ahaziah. He that seeks help from the devil will find nothing but doom. If he had just went to Elijah humbly and asked him to pray for him, he might not have died. Even if he had died after repentance, it wouldn’t have been as an enemy of God.

Have you rebelled against the Lord and his word? Repent and come back home to your father. His arms are open wide to receive you.

When you are far from God you are not safe. Actually, nowhere is safe for you.

I pray that we will not live in rebellion against God for any reason in Jesus name. (Amen)

Remember, Anybody that is an enemy of God is never safe.

Good Afternoon and Happy Sunday.🤝

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