MY TRUE PRIEST (A short story.)


Esther Azikwe stepped out of the bathroom with her towel wrapped around her body. Her husband lay in the bed and she could feel his eyes watching her as she moved towards her dressing table and oiled her body.

She had removed her shower cap as soon as she finished taking her bath and so swiftly covered her hair with her hair bonnet.

“Why is D looking at me like that? I hope it’s not what i am thinking.” She murmured underneath her breath as she pulled her night wear over her shoulder and moved towards the other side of the bed.

Daniel Azikwe didn’t even let his wife lie down conveniently before he pulled her into his arms and kissed her forehead passionately; “I’ve been waiting for you.”

Esther rolled her eyes; “Desire, stop.” She wiggled out of his hold with a frown on her face.

“Woman of God! Haba now. Five nights ago, you were tired. What is it again tonight? Don’t even bring up tiredness as an excuse because I know you are not.” Daniel pouted at her like a child.

She shoved her shoulder in response; “I didn’t say I’m tired. But Desire, I told you just the day before yesterday that I would be having 7 days fasting and prayer as regard my delayed promotion issue. This is just the second day of my fast. You know I was not among the first and second batch. The last batch for this year will be released anytime from now and I must not miss it.”

“But Treasure, I need you.” He said in a sultry deep voice as he pulled her closer again and rubbed his beards on her chin in an exciting manner.

“Oh! What is all these now?” She pulled herself out of his hold and stood up from the bed hastingly.

“Treasure?” He gaped at her.

“Desire, don’t even make me feel guilty at all. I told you I was going to fast and you agreed.”

He laughed to lighten the mood; “Yeah, I know.”

“So?” She asked quietly.

“Treasure, you know there are altars you cannot approach with your head uncovered. I am your covering; if you continue this your fast and prayer tomorrow and you just disregard me like that especially without my sincere consent. From what I know, your prayer is unrecognized in the realm of the spirit because your head is not covered.” He said calmly but with all seriousness.

“Desire.” Esther chuckled; “Don’t try your marrige counselling lines on me at all. Let me just set myself apart please.” She frowned.

Daniel sighed; “Its alright. Goodnight.” He lay down on the bed and closed his eyes.

“Wow, this one that you gave up so quickly, hope I’m safe in the middle of the night.” Esther thought as she peered down at his face but seeing he was really serious, she quietly lay down beside him. It wasn’t long before she fell asleep.

For the next thirty minutes, Daniel kept tossing on the bed restlessly as he couldn’t fall asleep. Remembering he was yet to put finishing touches on two sermons he would be preaching at a Fire conference scheduled to start in a week time; he eventually stood up and went to the study table. He studied till around 1am when he eventually joined her on the bed and fell asleep.

For the next days, Esther did her other wifely duties faithfully and Daniel also kept to himself. He spent days and nights praying, studying his Bible and giving himself to his ministerial assignments. He only played with his wife normally and never made advances towards her.

Esther finished her fast and prayer schedule and began to wonder what had happened to her husband. Yet she was too shy to make the move. Sometimes, she would deliberately do things thinking it would kick-off from there but before she knew it, her husband would be fast asleep.

A night to the commencement of the Fire Conference, the couple finished their dinner around 8pm. Daniel immediately retired to their room to resume praying and studying. Esther had determined that enough was enough and so instead of washing the dishes as she usually did at night, she ignored the chore and went in to meet him. But on getting to their room, she was once again disappointed to see her husband at the table.

Praying silently within her, she moved closer to him and stood by his side.

“Desire,” She called softly.

“Yes.” He replied calmly without looking up at her.

“I’m sorry.” Esther whispered.

Daniel looked up at her; “Treasure, I don’t get you. What are you sorry for?” He asked quietly.

Esther blinked; “That I did not meet your need the other day.” She said softly, rubbing her hands together as she spoke.

“That?” Daniel smiled. “That was nothing.”

She shook her head in protest; “But it’s just like you don’t want me anymore.”

He laughed; “I’m sorry if you feel that way but I love you beyond sex and trust me I am fine.” He replied stressing the ‘fine’.

He continued; “I controlled myself before getting married and did not die. God has blessed me with self control so I can do without sex. You didn’t offend me at all.”

“Okay.” Esther whispered and nodded.

“Relax babe. We’re good.” He winked at her and continued with what he was doing.

Esther felt like crying; “Shey he doesn’t understand what I’m trying to say ni.” She left where she was standing and went to lie down. After tossing on the bed for minutes, she picked up her phone and switched on her data.

Going through her WhatsApp contacts, she discovered her mentor Mrs Linda was online and decided to let time pass by chatting with her.

‘Good Evening Ma and Compliments of the Season.’

‘Good evening Sister Esther. How are you doing ? And how is Pastor too?’

‘We are doing well ma.’

‘Good to know. How has been the past four months together as a couple?’

‘God has been helping us. It has been great and fun but I don’t know any longer jare, Mummy.’

‘The devil is a liar oo. Daughter, talk to me. What is happening?’

‘Hmm. I don’t know if I should be concerned Ma. Can i send a Voice Note?’

‘Of course. My husband is still attending to a brother so I still have some minutes to spare.’

‘Okay Ma.’

Esther replied and left their bedroom for the sitting room to send the voice note.

She eventually waited there as the older woman listened and looked forward to her reply.

Soon Mrs Linda’s voice note entered and Esther played it.

“Sister Esther, the prayer warrior. (She laughed.) Hmm, what your husband told you that night is very right. He is the head. In the realm of the spirit, you were praying without your head. I don’t know what kind of prayer that one is oo. But since you said you have apologized to him, please still try and find out what is happening since he does not act like that normally. Even if you are too shy to ask him for intimacy, please initiate something somehow.”

“My Sister, that man will just keep on loving his Bible and ministry and you will not enjoy him as your husband. You will just become housemates abi roommates de ni. Please, give him an atmosphere to desire you. Pastor Daniel will just soak himself into ministry. Don’t agree with him oo. That self control he is talking about. Ha! I don’t know about that type oo.”

Esther sighed and typed; “Alright ma.”

“Please my husband needs my attention. We will talk later henn.”

“Thank you Ma.” Esther did a sign of the cross and went back into their bedroom.

Daniel was still sitting at the study table. She sat on the edge of the bed and watched him.

Sensing her eyes on him, he looked back.

“Are you alright?”

“No.” She whispered.

He stood up and moved towards her; “What is it?”

“Desire, I said I’m sorry na.” She said as tears gathered in her eyes.

“Ha! You are still on this issue. You know what? Your ignoring me has even made me more prepared for the Conference starting tomorrow. I have gone through the teaching over and over again. All things work together for good oo my sister.”

Esther sighed; “I have become your sister now abi.”

Daniel laughed; “See I want to have my shower and sleep. I need a good rest. Don’t beat yourself over that.” He pecked her on the cheek and walked away.

Esther Azikwe watched as her husband changed out of his clothes and went into the bathroom, whistling as he did.

“He knows what I want oo, he is now acting ignorant.” She pouted and checked again to see if her mentor was online.

She quickly sent a message.

“He didn’t bend oo. He has gone to take his shower.”

“And you are still sitting down there? Common, go and meet him in the bathroom. See this sister. God will help your ministry oo. Bye.”

Esther stared at the message on her phone thoughtfully. Before she could change her mind, she stepped out of her night wear and walked towards the bathroom.

She prayed silently within her, opened the bathroom door softly and entered. Daniel’s eyes were closed as he was washing his face.

“Treasure?” He called with muffled voice.


He stopped still with his eyes closed; “Do I have a call?” As that was the only reason his wife could come into the bathroom since they didn’t enter together.

“Yes.” She answered and tiptoed towards him.

“But you know you can always pick my calls.” He said and continued with what he was doing.

“This is different and I can’t pick it on my own.”

“Really? Who is calling?” He stopped and waited for her reply.

By this time his wife was already in front of him.

“It’s me.” She whispered silently.

“I want my lover and friend back.” She said softly and with a strong desire pulled him towards herself and planted a deep kiss on his wet lips.

He seemed caught unawares at first but soon responded and they explored each others bodies as if it was their first time ever.

10 minutes later, Daniel stepped out of the bathroom carrying his precious bundle in his arms with her hands wrapped around his neck.

“Thank you. God bless you.” He whispered satisfiedly as he placed her gently on the bed.

“Amen.” She giggled shyly.

He towered above her and watched her keenly; “I never knew you could make such a move.”

Esther laughed; “When a woman is hungry for something that is legitimate, she can go to any length.”

He laughed; “I already guessed what you wanted the way you were just apologising up and down but seriously I just wanted to see what would happen.”

“I’m sorry I stopped meeting your emotional needs and for pushing you away.” She said softly.

“Treasure…” He started as he used his hand to rub her cheeks.

“Hmm.” She answered.

“Words have the power to kill the desire of a man towards his wife that she would not enjoy her man again. The woman will just realise that the spices that made their marriage sweet is gone even though he isn’t cheating on her.”

Esther smiled; “Marriage Counsellor.”

“Yes oo.” He smiled. “But hope you get what I mean.” She nodded.

“Truth is I want an exciting love life but you have to cooperate with me.”

“I will Desire, I will.” She whispered and closed her eyes.

“Open your eyes.” He commanded soflty.

She obeyed and he giggled; “This one that I see so much passion in your eyes.”

She pushed at him playfully; “Leave me jor.”

“What did you say you were fasting for actually?” He asked with a solemn voice.

“My promotion. My name was not on the first and second list and if I miss this last list, there is no hope again this year.” She explained sadly.

Daniel nodded; “Alright.”

He fell silent for some seconds, closed his eyes and cuddled her. Her body responded as she got stimulated.

“Your name is on the list.” He whispered to her ears.

Esther’s eyes widened; “What?”

“Even if it’s only one person they will choose, you are the one.”

“Jesus!” Esther gaped at her husband.

“Treasure, don’t give room for doubt.” He said as he nibbled on her ear.

“Believe in the Lord your God, so shall ye be established; believe his prophets, so shall ye prosper.”

“My priest, I believe.” She whispered in agreement.

“Good.” He said softly before their lips met. She responded and together they went on a trip to the moon.

As the alarm on her phone rang 2am, Esther woke up to do her quiet time.

She stretched her hand to stop the alarm. It was then she noticed there was a new message on her phone.

Selecting the message icon, she discovered a text from her Company HR Manager. It simply explained that she get to the office early in time that day for a meeting where her name would be announced as the number one of three people on the promotion list.

“Thank you Jesus.” She screamed excitedly catching her husband’s attention who was meditating at the study table.

“What is it?” He asked.

Without responding, she ran to where he sat and jumped on his laps.

“I love you. I love you. I love you.” She said showering kisses on his face.

Daniel giggled and looked at her thoughtfully; “You are still singing praise and worship like those people who sing songs before sharing their testimony. Sister Esther, please what has the Lord done for you?”

Esther laughed and gaped at her husband; “How did you know I have a testimony?”

“Well, flesh and blood did not reveal it to me.” He said amidst laughter.

“Wow. Desire, you are my True Priest. I must be under your ministrations at the Fire Conference today. I must receive fresh fire too. Chai!” She said loudly with a look of amusement on her face.

She stopped: “Hold on, does it actually mean that my fasting just went like that? Like I didn’t really need to fast.” She gaped at her husband in shock.

He laughed; “I don’t know about that oo. Please, I was talking to my Heavenly Father when you ran into our meeting room.”

Esther pouted in response; “Pastor Daniel, he is my Heavenly Father too. Let me go and carry my Bible.” She moved to stand up.

He held her down; “Wait now. You did not give your priest an appreciation kiss.” He whispered.

Esther stared at him in disbelief; “Pastor, in God’s presence?”

“You are wasting our time. You are not going anywhere.” He said as he tightened his hold on her.

She smiled, moved close to him and whispered in his ears; “Please keep being my correct head and true priest.”

Daniel smiled; “Keep praying for me.” He whispered back.

She pushed back a little to see his face. “I love you.”

“I love you more.” He answered and kissed her lips briefly.

“To your tent, O Esther.” He released her as she stood up in laughter.

“You stole that kiss oo.” She said and he giggled in response. With a heart filled with a new love and respect for him, she picked her Bible and journal from the study table and left for the sitting room.

As soon as Esther’s knee hit the ground before her Heavenly Father, the first thing she thanked him for was her True Priest.

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