“Lord, help me to be a Consistent Christian.”

As believers, many of us pray this prayer: one very important. It is a thing to note that apart from Eternal benefits, there are many more benefits of being a Consistent Christian.

One of such is reflected in our passage of consideration this morning: Daniel 8:1-12.

The Chapter opens up with Daniel telling us that “a vision appeared unto me, even unto me Daniel, AFTER THAT WHICH APPEARED UNTO ME AT THE FIRST.”

Noting the boldened clause, i see a man who is consistent in the realm and things of the Spirit.

Beloved, it was because he was in tune with God the first time and yet the second time that God showed him what he saw. He was not a man who had deviated from the truth between the period of the first and second vision.

If you are not in constant tune with God, he won’t reveal things to you.

That he has always been speaking to someone does not give the person a constant position in the people he reveals himself to. The moment one departs from the truth like this, the person no longer has access to the children’s bread.

Do not be an on and off Christian.

Let your Spiritual WI-FI be constantly on so you will be in constant connection with Heaven.

Be in constant tune with God.

Furthermore, the Jewish Church had always been blessed with Prophets and men divinely inspired to explain God’s mind to them and give a glimpse of what would come upon them. However, after the time of Ezra, Divine inspiration ceased and there was no more prophet until the gospel day dawned.

The events foretold by Daniel in this Chapter were so that between the period of silence it would be to them as a guide and witness from God.

It was kept in record signifying that God did not leave them with nothing to look upon.

In times when it seems like God is silent about something, believers should be reassured that God is still there in that situation.

He would never leave us alone.

It is also a thing worthy to note that it was Daniel God chose at this time to reveal this to among all the people then.

When God is looking for someone to preserve a legacy; someone to preserve an information, will he find you worthy?

It brings us back to the point where this discussion started that it was because he was in tune with God, God chose him.

So many more lessons are in this Chapter; is it the fact that Even when we are bond, the Spirit of God is not bond and can take us wherever he wills from where we are; (Dan 8:2) or the fact that those that heap up riches know not who shall gather it; (Dan 8:3-8) or the assurance that he who persecutes the people of God is also against God and God will fight for his people (vs 9,10) and then the message that when pleasant things become waste for us as believers we should acknowledge that sin is the procuring cause (Except for instances when we conclude our hands are really clean.)

This morning, even if you get nothing in this long write-up, get this:

Only to men who are in constant tune with God, will he reveal things hidden or far ahead to.

Good morning and have a blessed day ahead.


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