Happy New Year Fam.💃💃💃

I’m shouting my own greeting when others have said their’s right? 😁😁

Don’t worry. That’s why I’m Peculiar.

Let me officially welcome you to 2021.💃💃

It will be a year filled with supernatural experiences for us in Jesus name.

Please can you just lend me few minutes of your time? 🙂

Thank you.

I have a prayer for you tonight and I want you to key into it by Faith.

Are you ready?

This year, you will SEE.🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

I repeat; this year, You will SEE.

My brother, you may not understand this prayer now but you will as it begins to manifest.

Sister, you will not walk through this year ignorant.

You will walk as a Militant Spiritual Being.🔥

You will be aware of things before they happen.

You will discern things as the Holy Spirit will reveal to you.

Oh! You will not waste time doing things God does not want you to do because you will know what he wants you to do per time.

Beloved, Be prepared. The Lord will do wonders in your life this year in a way you have never experienced.

Stay Pure.

Remain Holy and Righteous.

The Lord is set to make this year a wonderful one for us if we cooperate.

If you are willing and obedient you will eat the good of 2021.

Aunty, please key into all the Lord has for his people.

You won’t be left out in Jesus name.

By the way, peculiarinspiro.com shall soon start feeding you with inspiring and life-changing stories.

Till then, keep enjoying and basking in the blessings that 2021 has ushered you into.😍😍



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