“Dad, please let me process my admission to this school?” Richard pleaded the fourth time that morning.

Gbaa! Mr Afolayan hit his hand on his table in fury. Swiftly, Richard jumped out of the chair he was sitting on.

“Richard!” The older man called out sharply.

“Sir.” Richard looked at his father somberly while he fidgeted with the phone in his hand.

“You are not studying here in UniLag and that is final. Do you understand me?”

The boy pouted before nodding; “Yes Sir.”

“Good. Now be a good son and find out the requirements to study Chemical Engineering in OAU?”

Richard grimaced at his words. With slumped shoulders, he watched his father nod in satisfaction and pull his work chair closer to his table where the reports of his project students was arranged.

Richard sighed; he couldn’t count the number of times he had tried convincing his father to allow him process his admission to the University of Lagos where he was an Associate Professor.

He shook his head; why wouldn’t a father want his son in his work environment?

The school was perfect. He could secure an admission with his father’s connection to his desired course but No; his father wanted him far away.

The silence that replaced the shuffling of papers had him looking up to meet his father’s Sharp look.

“Aren’t you going to find something to do? You are clouding my space.”

Richard frowned; his father wanted him away from his office too? Fine, he could do that and then he knew someone a block away who wouldn’t mind his presence.

He bent to carry his school bag from the chair he had earlier sat on and moved to walk out of the office.

His father cleared his throat behind him; “And where are you going to?”

Richard blinked at the softness in his voice; “Ermm… Aunt Enitan’s office.”

The man grinned; “Don’t think you can make my sister change my mind.”

Richard shoved his shoulder; “Well, you just gave me an idea.”

Mr Afolayan sighed; “You might not understand me but I want the best for you.”

“So it’s still OAU?” Richard grimaced.

The older man chuckled; “Yes, It’s still OAU. Say Hi to Enitan for me.” He dismissed his presence with a wave.

Richard nodded with a deep breath. “Alright.” He turned and walked out of his father’s office.

“So what do you want to do?” That was the first question Enitan asked her nephew after he recounted his father’s persistence as regards the institution of his undergraduate study.

“Aunty, i don’t know.” Richard shook his head.

She looked at him softly; “My brother can be persistently stubborn sometimes. I had my own share of things like this while growing up since he literally raised me. Sometimes he feels he knows just what is perfect for one but the truth is he is wrong.”

“That’s it; and well, in this case he is wrong.” Richard put in.

Enitan smiled; “But what if you are also wrong?”

The boy looked at her with a scowl on his face; “I don’t get you.”

She leaned back in her chair; “Did you pray about this?”

“Yes. I told God to change Daddy’s mind and help me get to study here.” He explained.

Enitan looked at him in silence for some seconds and sighed.

“Aunt?” Richard lowered his voice.

She sat up; “Nephew, perhaps what you and your Dad want is not what God want.”

The boy looked thoughtful; “You mean God’s option might be something different?”

“Yes! God’s will not option now. Have you really prayed to know his will in this matter? His plan for you might not even involve any of the two institutions.”

“Aunt, what…” he shook his head as if in denial then stopped to think for a minute. “So, I need to pray?” He whispered.

His aunt smiled and nodded; “Yes my dear. Seek to know God’s will about this matter.”

“Well. I guess I’m back to square one. Thank you Ma.” He chuckled.

“You are welcome. Let us pray together.” She held her hands out to him. He quickly stretched forth his hand towards her.

“Father, it is written that you have thoughts of good for us; you have plans for us. Lord, I ask that you reveal to this young man your will as regards his undergraduate studies in Jesus name.”


“Open his eyes to see and his heart to receive what you have in store for him in Jesus name.”


“I ask that he won’t miss your perfect will for his life.”


“This we ask in Jesus name.”

“Amen.” Both chorused. Richard stood up and prostrated briefly; “Thank you very much Ma. I want to go to the chemical engineering laboratory to get acquainted with some things. Dr Jade granted me access.”

She nodded in understanding; “That’s great. I’ll see you later then.”

“Yes Ma.” He turned and walked out of her office.

Five months later.

“Welcome to this great citadel of learning. UniBen is just the best place for you to be. If you have any questions, do well to contact your departmental student advisor. Remember to always be good ambassador’s of this institution wherever you find yourself. Have a wonderful stay on Campus.”

The freshmen cheered and applauded as the representative of the Vice-Chancellor handed the microphone to the student union president who was the moderator of the orientation program.

In the middle column, second row to the front, Richard sat with five other freshmen like him. He nodded as he bent to jot down the things the man had said during his address as he didn’t want to disregard any little detail.

Satisfied with what he had written, he looked up as the Student Union President began to introduce to them the Student Advisors and Counselors.

Richard sighed; “Lord, so this is where you want me to be? I don’t even know anybody here. I’m still amazed at how i was granted admission here.”

Yes, this is where I want you to be. You know nobody here; I will be here with you.

“Lord, please just let me have testimonies at the end of my study.”

That I promise you.

Richard smiled and turned his attention back to the event at hand. He had nothing to worry about: His future lies in God’s hand.

This is about that time when some set of youths and teenagers have or will make their choices as regards the institution where they will be spending the next few years of their life.

Dear Teen, have you sought God’s face as regards the institution he wants you to process your admission into?

God might want you in a State University and not in that Federal Institution.

He might want you to remain in Nigeria while you are trying to process your admission to that school outside the country.

Ask God to direct you and he will.

When he leads you, don’t fight it; Just Obey.

Your mouth will be filled with testimonies at the end because It shall be well with you.

Remember this; The importance of God’s leading in every aspect of our lives cannot be overestimated.

Has this story ministered to you in one way or another? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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