Actually, he waited.

Once i was innocent to links and connections.

I didn’t understand how to get involved in relationship that matters to my peace and satisfaction of my soul.

So I sought for one myself.

I saw this man who looked wealthy and caring.

He told me he loved me, and he cherished me.

He spoiled me with the deities of grilled chicken, barbecue of fishes, and sugary ice cream.

I could do anything, speak anyhow, and have all the fun I could without restrictions or limit.

His words were smooth to my spirit, they flicker my ears to submission.

But while I enjoy all this frenzy , there was another man that kept calling.

He had no comeliness to beauty.

He wasn’t the type that goes with the days lifestyle but he was moderate.

When he speaks to me, I do have itchy ears against his words to woo me.

I do get irritated by his proposals of a home he was building, where we will enjoy for as long as time exist.

How could I give up a Venza car for an uncertain bliss I am yet to see ?

He even said, I have to deny my personality to take up his.

I sometimes feel the presence of truth in his promises but I couldn’t come to terms that I will lose all the sweetness of the best cloth, the best house, the best car, the fame and popularity my present new lover brings.

Though he said I could also have things from him but not just the way my present lover does it.

In fact, my lover gave me no terms and conditions to abide by.

Our home was the best outwardly.

It had the colour of blood, gates which reads, “The kiss of death, the bed of Hades are our speciality.”

I actually thought it was just a one line poem with no reality in it meaning.

But deep within that castle were bones of brides who had been hostage and left to ruin when they couldn’t escape.

There wasn’t any exit out of that castle.

He cared not that I was troubled in my spirit, and ill in my flesh.

Of course, when a man gets his prized possession, he won’t bother to culture her with all he has once promised.

Guess what, He stole the joy of my youthfulness.

He chained me to a dog, caged me to a swine, and allow vultures to live under the same room I slept, ate, and dress.

I remembered from the letters “The heart of Man is desperately wicked, who can know it.”

Why will you marry a lady, and few days or weeks, maybe month or years after, you renege on your promises ?

As things went by, I saw reasons to seek divorce.

It was allowed.

But it was not given on bed of roses.

I guess I couldn’t figure what type of freedom I needed.

I remembered the man that used to woo me back then.

I paid attention to his past words.

Actually, he was gentle, and caring.

He loves unconditionally without a payback clause.

One dark night, after losing my joy and peace; and I was pricked in my heart for all I have gained in that castle.

I wept bitterly.

“I need help. I need help.” Beside my window I wrote it legibly for those passing by if any could help me.

Someone stopped by, risking his life;

“Hello madam, I saw your signal card, and I thought of introducing you to someone who can help.”

I quickly pushed my ears through the pigeon hole in my room to hear all he would say.

“He is goodly, and godly with a gentle spirit and of course a smoking flax as you will he not quench but give light to burn more.” So he said.

Awww, but I am now a shadow of myself, I no more burn with all the fire once invested in me.

I have traded my beauty for ashes and sold my robe for nakedness. What other man could be interested in me in the whole of this world?

Haaaaa! Please, don’t deceive me.

I have enough of all sweet men’s words.

“Look, I tell thee, he is not a deceiver. He is not other men. He is the best you can ever get.”

The man you are talking about sounds like someone I know. Is his name Joshua?

“Yes! You even know him quiet well, but how did you exchange him for your present one?”

It’s a long story.

“Alright. I know that there is a way, especially the low way, that seems right to humans to follow but they don’t know that the end is destruction. Many robbers, thieves, rapist, cultist lurk around the low ways.”

“But those that took the right detour up and climb the High way through Dr. Joshua’s house always end well.”

No wonder. Ahhh, I am the cause of all this.

I remember Bisi the lady Who lives in Ebenezer court.

She took that route too.

I remember there was a sign close to the junction that path the two roads.

On the Low way, it read: “It’s a slow fade when you give yourself away into this low way.”

On the high way: “It’s an high way to heaven, Walking on the King’s highway.”

I thought; what other peace could i have when my past pains and troubles fade slowly ? But alas, it was opposite


She looked fresh and flavoured.

She wasn’t the best of the damsels in my neighborhood but she chose her man rightly.

Even when we were troubled, nothing shakes her.

She exude joy, gladness and patience always.

Her man is all the height of love a man can portray.

He was humble like a lamb, wise, courageous, and protective like a Lion.

He was the one that asked me out many times that I refused.

It’s just now that I could see those qualities.


Please, will he still accept me?

Seeing he married Bisi.

“He is allowed to marry as much as give their consent to his proposals.”

“Allow him to shepherd your soul, rule your life and be Lord over you. You won’t regret it.”


I wrote a letter to him, signed it and waited for his reply.

My words were not the best a bride should pen down but I had lost my place, and recovery was all I wanted even if I should serve as a cook in his palace, it’s far better than been a queen here.

Hello dearest.

I sought you among the lilies but you left my watershed for a better country far into the desert. I hold no grudge against you.

I forgive you all you have spitted and spoken against me.

I forgive you all you have done against me.

What a joy in my palace now that you are joining us.

I left my kingdom to get you. As you receive this response, I will be at your door step, just open and let me take you with me home.

Beautiful, we will sup together in my father’s house.

I got a robe of righteousness already, don’t bother to get any.

Your lover, Joshua.

Immediately I opened the door, I fell into his embrace. He shielded me from the arrows of my former lover.

On our way, attacks were ceaseless. The paths were slippery.

He gave me direction on every step.

I wanted to back out but his grace was there for me. Could you imagine, he was with me in the fire, the rain, and the sand storm?

He made sure the temptations were not way ahead of me.

We overcame until we crossed the line.

He was mine. His peace, joy and presence worth all I could afford. But he payed all for me.

Jesus is still seeking us to be saved

Like the prodigal son, we may have messed up but he will send his preachers to show us the path to salvation.

And after getting saved, temptations and trials will come, but he will always be with us through until we overcome.

We will overcome.


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