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Megan closed the biography of Sapphire that she had written and wondered at the fact that God had helped her. As she read, she had asked herself if really she had wrote the book. It could only be God.

It had been one week since Sapphire’s burial and Megan could only thank God because of his works.

Testimonies had poured in since the distribution of the book. It had started with Jane and her parents. A day after the funeral service, Jane’s parents had called with news that Jane had surrendered her life to Christ after reading the book. Her parents had also made the decision later. Megan and her husband had sang praises to God that day.

Requests had even been made for more copies of the books by readers who wanted to give to their friends and families. Some people had even donated for the production.

The days went by slowly but with hope for them. The couple had comforted and loved each other in many ways.

“God, you are faithful;” Megan said softly.

John walked in just then; “A penny for your thoughts?” He asked.

She turned to her husband with a smile; “I’m thinking about God’s faithfulness so far.”

He nodded in response and stretched forth his hand toward her; She accepted it and he pulled her up to himself.

She looked at her husband as he traced her cheek with his hand.
His warm smile curled around her heart.

“I love you with all my heart.” He whispered softly.

Megan blushed; “I love you too.” She whispered as she tilted her face towards his and leaned in for a kiss.

Seconds later, Megan’s stomach growled; John chuckled. He released her and grinned; “Should we eat out?”

“What will we have?” Megan asked excitedly.

“Boiled potatoes and roasted chicken.” Both said at the same time.

They looked at each other in amazement and burst into laughter.

8 months later.

“John, hurry.” Megan screamed as her husband drove towards the hospital.

Her water had broke that evening and in a flash John had bundled her into the car.

“Hold on. Here we are.”
John said as he drove into the hospital car park.

As usual Dr James was waiting due to the fact that John had called him ahead. The doctor opened the back door in a hurry as Megan let out a scream.

“Hold on.” Dr James said and both men assisted her out of the car.

John paced the front of the labour room. It’s been two hours since Megan entered the room.

“Lord, please take control.”

A baby’s shrill came from the room then, John’s heart leapt in joy; “Thank you Jesus.”

He waited for the doctor to come with the news but no one came. He frowned; What was wrong?

Just then another shrill came from the room.

He stopped; he was hearing two different cries.

He laughed; “Twins?” He couldn’t hold himself any longer.

He walked near the room and knocked on the door. A nurse opened from inside the room.

“Let him come in.” Dr James called from within. Without wasting time, John entered. He turned to take in the room. He saw two nurses each holding a child in their arms.

“Twins?” he asked happily as he moved near the nurses.

“No!” the doctor said with a wide grin on his face.

John frowned as he looked at his wife who was still pushing and screaming.

“I can see the head, Push.” Doctor James urged Megan.

John blinked; “Another one?”

A nurse nodded.

“Oh my God.” He pushed his hand through his short hair.

Megan screamed as she pushed with all her might.

Dr James smiled; “You are doing good. One more push and he’s here.”

Megan gave a final push and another cry filled the room. The doctor collected the baby into his gloved hands.

John grinned widely; “Thank you Jesus. ”

The nurses got to work of cleaning the mother and the children.

The doctor smiled; “Well done, Mrs Anderson.”

Megan gave John a warm smile; “Sweetheart.” He moved close to her silently.

Megan watched her husband as he bent down to her level and gave her a gentle kiss on her forehead.

“Thank you.” He whispered softly.

“We have triplets.” Megan said as tears of joy gushed out from her eyes.

“Yes, sweetheart. For our loss God gave us Triple.” he said. She nodded in tears.

“Mr and Mrs Anderson.” The doctor interrupted that moment.

They looked at him; “You have two girls and a boy. The boy was the one that arrived last.”

“Wow!” John said as Megan chuckled.

“God is faithful.” Megan said as she smiled at her husband.

“Yes, he is.” John said as he pulled his wife in for a hug.

God had their future clearly in his hand. He would also help them to take care of this one’s, even more than he helped them with Sapphire.

John swallowed with a smile;

Their Sapphire.



Yes! We have come to the end of the ‘Sapphire’ Series.

I’m grateful to God, the source of my Inspiration and my Best Teacher.

This is just the longest and best story I have ever written. It can only be God.

I want to say a big thank you to all the Readers and Lovers of ‘Sapphire’.

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12 thoughts on “SAPPHIRE XV

  1. Benedicta Boafo says:

    The smart and wise God; who sees the future and prepares for it now. He’ll never leave nor forsake us and it’s in His hands we always are.
    No one can understand Him nor His ways but He’s forever perfect. The God of Sapphire.
    God bless you Sister Mercy for availing yourself for God to use to write this story. It’s fully loaded with lessons.

      1. Simsola Babatunde says:

        God’s ways are mysterious. I am really blessed by this story. God used it to address my situation. Good job. God bless u.

  2. Clara Komolafe says:

    I’m happy Sapphire ended this way. For their loss, God gave them triple. May God continue to increase you in wisdom and knowledge for His work in Jesus name. More grace ma

  3. Adetutu says:

    I’m indeed blessed. Thank you sis, you’re indeed a blessing.
    God’s ways are past finding out. He’s God from beginning to the end, there’s no place for argument, he’s God all by himself.
    I suggest this book be turned to a movie, I believe there might be a white Christian film producer that’ll be willing to produce the film.

    Thank God it ended well, Jane couldn’t die because if she did, she wouldn’t have made heaven. Hmmm, God really loves all his children. He’s a great God, all I know.

  4. Adetutu says:

    Hello sis
    You promised to send a copy of sapphire as soon as we subscribe to your blog. I’ve subscribed and I’m still awaiting the copy. I’m sorry for bothering you. Thank you.

    1. Mercy Oluwafunmito Adebisi says:

      Hi Adetutu, the book is not yet available but as soon as it is you will be among the first set of people to get a couple. That is the essence of the subscription. Thank you.

  5. Kehinde says:

    Wow! What a wonderful way God works. His ways are truly not our ways. I come to realize that despite the discomfort we may experience in our present situation, God has our future in mind and that our end will be greater than our beginning. Well done ma for allowing God to use.


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