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Sarah Lann spun the executive leather office chair she sat on as she studied the script her younger sister who doubled as her manager had given to her.

The script was for a Christian Movie titled ‘Theophilia’ and she would be acting the central character of the movie.

The story written by a Nigerian Christian Writer centred around a lady who was kidnapped and all efforts to rescue her proved abortive. She had suffered a lot in the hand of her abductors including being raped twice. A lot happened to her after that.

The script ended with the lady forgiving the man who hurt her most amidst the abductors. It was meant to be a message of Love and forgiveness.

“Interesting.” Sarah nodded as she closed the script and placed it on her table. She had two weeks to study her lines before shooting began. If anyone ever told her that she the Actress who had won the Jockbel Art 2018 award would become a Christian Actress, she would have taken it up with the person but that step had become imperative as soon as she surrendered her life to Christ.

All that happened all thanks to God, her younger sister and a certain young girl.

“Sapphire.” She smiled as she twirled her chair round.

She needed to meet that girl even if it was once. She wondered how the girl was doing.

There had to be a way to contact her. Hadn’t she used her mother’s Instagram account to message her? “Yes!” She said excitedly as she stopped the chair and picked up her phone from her work table.

“What was her name again?” She tilted her head to a side as she accessed her Instagram account and searched through the people she was following.

She hissed; “How will i get her account now?”

She scrolled down and her eyes caught the name ‘Megan Anderson.’

“Yes, this should be it.” She tapped the profile and went through her chat with the person. The messages confirmed that was who she was looking for.

There had to be her email or phone number on her profile; she thought as she looked through Megan’s bio.

“Gotcha!” She mouthed excitedly as she picked her pen and a sheet of paper and scribbled a number down.

“I will make sure to call her before the end of today.” She soliloquizes.

“Call who?” A voice asked outside the door and the door opened. Her sister, Jane walked in.

Megan watched as she pulled out the chair opposite her and sat down.

“Megan Anderson. Sapphire’s Mother.” She answered her question.

Jane looked at her questionably; “I can’t seem to figure out who that is.”

Sarah shook her head; “How can I ever forget a girl like that?” She smiled.

“Oh!” Her younger sister said as understanding clicked; “The girl who had a part to play in your conversion?”

Megan smiled as she gave her sister a thumps up.

“You really should give the girl a call and tell her how you are doing.” Jane said.

“Yeah! I will call her before the day runs out.”

“Well, the producer of Theophilia called to ask for your comments as regards the script. I told him you haven’t told me anything.” As soon as Jane said that, her eyes caught the script on the table.

“It’s a great story. Its just that my lines are so much.” Megan shook her head.

“I know. The story is long.” Jane nodded in agreement.

“Shooting starts in two weeks. If nothing props up, I will be able to get myself prepared.”

“God will help you.”


“I have to run. I and Alfred have a counselling section with Pas Solomon this afternoon.” She said referring to her fiancé.

Sarah pouted; “Its alright. Enjoy yourself and greet the love of your life for me.”

Jane chuckled and rose up; “I will. Sis, get yourself aligned.” She said as she walked towards the door.

“My man will come at the right time. Thank you.” Sarah replied with a wide smile.

“Its okay.” Jane said as she stepped out of the office and shut the door behind her.

Sarah sighed as she picked up the script to study her lines.

It had been three days since the doctor changed Sapphire’s prescription and Megan could only watch as her daughter’s condition relapse. The medical team were doing all they could and even though drugs were being given to her at appropriate time, Sapphire would feel better a day and be down the next. Dr James had said there was nothing they could do but trust God for a miracle.

Megan stood up from where she had been working on the biography. She yawned; soliloquising that she was famished. Her husband had been the one running the errands for days but he had needed to report at work that morning for an impromptu meeting and would be back anytime soon. She could hold on till he arrived.

She looked at her system thoughtfully; She only had a chapter to write before the draft was completed. Whatever happened from that moment would determine what she would write in that last chapter. She needed a professional editor and a publisher. Even the funds for publication wasn’t available but she knew God would work out a miracle.

She moved towards the water dispenser and poured herself a cup of water. As she drank, she looked at Sapphire who was reading her Bible on her hospital bed. She smiled; even in the midst of it all, her daughter still held on to her faith.

Sapphire looked up from the Bible and looked around the room in silence.

Megan stopped; What was it about Sapphire and the room? For days the girl could just stop talking and look around the room. There were times that as soon as she woke up the first thing she would do was to observe her environment. Whatever was going on Megan prayed her daughter would trust her enough to tell her.

“Mum;” Sapphire called.

“Yes dear;” She moved to stand at the foot of the bed as her daughter looked at her.

“There’s something I haven’t told you and Dad.” Sapphire began as she looked about the room again.

Megan winced; Was her daughter about to tell her what was going on? God sure answered that prayer so quickly.

“Mum;” Sapphire called again as Megan turned her attention to her.

“Since I regained consciousness three days ago I have been seeing strange things.”

Megan had a look of shock on her face.

For a moment, Sapphire looked around the room with a grim face before turning to her mother again; “I know it’s strange but i have been having visitors in my room and they keep increasing daily. All they do is smile and sing.”

Megan still didn’t say anything.

Sapphire continued; “Mum, I feel they are angels. They have beautiful countenances. They are so huge.”

Megan sighed thoughtfully; What her daughter was saying meant one thing: She was going home soon.

She couldn’t just keep quiet when her daughter was telling her something this important to her so she smiled and said; “Really?”

“Yes. Mum.” Sapphire light up at that moment.

“The atmosphere in this room is so peaceful. Can’t you feel it?” Her daughter asked excitedly.

Megan chuckled; Sapphire was right. The atmosphere in the room felt special.

As she nodded in response to the girl, her eyes glistened with tears at the thought that she was indeed losing her daughter.

Not able to hold it in anymore, she decided she could at least not cry in Sapphire’s presence and moved to go out of the room. As she opened the door to step out, she heard Sapphire gasp in surprise.

She turned back in tears; “What is it? Are you alright?”

“Yes.” Sapphire looked excited; “You know the man who gave me the golden spectacles?”

Megan nodded.

“He just stepped in front of you as you moved to go out.”

Megan gaped in awe. “Really?”

“Yes.” Sapphire chuckled.

Megan smiled; “I was about to go and cry my eyes out but why do I feel better suddenly?”

“That’s probably because he’s patting your shoulder and rubbing your back.”

Megan looked shocked; “Wow” She said looking into the thin air in front of her with a smile. She turned and walked towards the bed. She pulled the chair closer and sat down.

Sapphire looked on as her mother cleaned her face. She decided she had to let Sapphire understand the implication of what she was seeing.

“Sapphire, the Lord told me something the evening I passed out.” She started.

Sapphire looked at her silently as she listened. She suddenly looked around the room in confusion.

“What is it?” Megan asked.

“The atmosphere is solemn.” The girl replied.

“Hmm! They definitely know about what I’m about to tell you.”
Megan nodded. She looked at the thin air round the room as she struggled with whether to tell Sapphire or not.

“Mum, what did the Lord tell you?” her daughter called.

Megan held her daughter’s hand gently; “I’m wondering if he would love me to divulge such a special information.”

Sapphire shoved her shoulder; “Well, he came to me while you were in the other hospital room.”

Megan listened with rapt attention.

“He said something like he would pay you a visit too. Not long I started seeing angels.”

Megan sighed; “Lord,this isn’t easy. My daughter is really going?” Tears found its way out of her eyes.

My grace is sufficient for thee.

She sniffled; “Okay, did he tell you anything?” She asked her daughter.

Sapphire looked thoughtful for a moment.

The door opened quietly and Megan turned to see her husband walk in quietly. Sapphire was lost in thought so she didn’t see her father standing and leaning on the door.

Sapphire continued absentmindedly; “He told me he knows i’m repentant and he has forgiven me.”

“Wow.” John said. “Thank you Jesus.”

Sapphire looked surprised; “Dad, when did you come in?”

He laughed; “Not too long. Just ignore me and continue with what you are saying.”

Sapphire smiled; “Okay. So he told me I wouldn’t be on this sick bed for long. That it would soon be over.”

She swallowed; “He asked how it would feel to be with him a little earlier than I thought. I said ‘well its just gonna add some days extra to the time I would have used with him’. He laughed and said he’ll be waiting for me. He hugged me after that and left.”

Silence filled the room after that except for Megan’s sniffle.

John felt a lump in his chest as he was doing all he could not to shed tears.

Sapphire looked at her parents grimly; “Mum, I don’t know but i’m i going to die?”

Megan used her hand to blow herself like it could stop her from crying; “Lord…”

She sat up a bit and said; “Sapphire, lets just look at it this way. God is going to give you eternity plus extra days in front to use with him in heaven right?”

Sapphire sniffed in tears; “Mum, i will miss you.”

That broke Megan down. John himself couldn’t hold back anymore.

“I will miss you too sweetheart.” Her voice was shaking; “We will miss you, more than you can imagine.”

I will be there for you. She heard the still small voice said.

Megan wiped the tears on her face; “The Lord will comfort us. You are going to a better place.”

Sapphire only nodded.

The family prayed and talked some more after that.

Megan decided within her that the conversation they just had was what she would write in the last chapter of the book.

As they talked, a phone rang and Megan knowing it was hers stood up and picked the phone from the side drawer. Seeing a strange number, she excused herself from the room and went out.

“Megan Anderson on the line.” She said as she sat down on the chair outside the room.

“Good Afternoon.” It was a woman’s voice; “This is Sarah Lann.”

Megan frowned; “Sarah Lann?”

“Yes, the same Sarah your daughter chatted up on Instagram.” The woman laughed.

Megan’s eye widened in recollection; “Oh! Good afternoon, how have you been?”

“I’m doing great. Thanks to God. How is your daughter?”

Megan kept quiet for some seconds before answering; “She’s doing good.”

“Can I speak with her?”

Megan struggled within her whether to tell the woman about Sapphire’s condition or not. She swallowed; “Miss Lann,”

“Please you can call me Sarah.”

“Alright. The thing is Sapphire is ill and she has been admitted in a hospital for sometime. The situation is kind of serious.”

“Really? I’m sorry. But she’s gonna be okay right?”

Megan shook her head as if the woman could see her.

Sarah understanding her silence said; “What a sweet girl. This is serious.”

Megan nodded; “Yes, it is.” Megan nodded.

“Can I come over? If you don’t mind, i really want to meet her?”

Megan hadn’t seen that coming; “Are you serious?”

“Yes, I am. Don’t worry about accommodation. I’ll lodge in an hotel. I just wouldn’t want to crowd your space if you don’t want me there.”

Megan smiled; “There is no problem really. You can come over if you want to. Sapphire is going to be glad to know this.”

“I’m excited to meet her too. Can we make this a surprise for her?” Sarah sounded excited.

“Of course. I will tell my husband if you don’t mind.”

“No problem. Just make sure Sapphire doesn’t know.”

“Its alright.”

“Thank you very much Mrs Anderson. I will be there tomorrow by God’s Grace.”

“Alright. I really appreciate your call.”

“Its my pleasure. Take care.”

“Bye.” Megan said before she ended the call.

She smiled; Sarah Lann was coming over? John would find it hard to believe.

She stood up and moved to join her daughter and husband inside the room. The duo were talking and laughing when she opened the door.

She nodded as she looked at them; “We will be fine.” She reassured herself and closed the door behind her.

As the plane made its way in the sky, Sarah Lann looked outside the window beside her into the white clouds.

As soon as she had gotten off the phone with Megan, she had booked a flight online. Remembering she hadn’t asked for details of the hospital Sapphire was admitted in, she sent Megan a message and the woman had sent her the address and Sapphire’s room number. With that information, she booked for herself three days stay in an hotel not too far from the hospital. If she would be staying longer than that, she would settle that later.

She had thought of what to bring for the girl and couldn’t come up with any. Her sister had told her her presence there would be more than enough for the girl. Jane had been sad to know about Sapphire’s illness.

Sarah looked at her phone for the time: 9:46 am. The plane would be landing anytime soon. She closed her eyes as she thought back to her conversation with Megan and how she had sounded on phone.

Will a sweet girl like that die? She shivered at her own thought.

How will her parents fare? Lord, please intervene.

A voice sounded on the plane intercom just then telling the passengers to tighten their seat belt as the plane would be landing soon.

In minutes the plane had landed and Sarah was soon out of the airport. A car with a designated driver was waiting for her as soon as she stepped out; thanks to her sister’s thoughtful arrangement.

The driver drove her straight to her hotel and also assisted her with getting her luggage to her room. She then told him to come back in an hour.

Within that hour, she had her shower and a late breakfast. She contacted Megan and informed her that she was in town and would drop by at the hospital anytime soon. Not too long her driver arrived and he drove her to the hospital.

Without difficulty, she found her way to the nursing station and asked for direction to the room.

She had remembered to wear a hat and use her sunglasses, so she had no problem with people recognizing her.

The nurse pointed towards a direction; “Just walk down that hallway, its the fifth room to your left.”

“Thanks.” She replied as she walked briskly towards that direction.

She stopped in front of the room where 6B was boldly written. With an exciting smile, she knocked on the door and waited.

The door opened and Megan with a sweet smile motioned her to enter.

“You are welcome.” She said as Sarah walked in and the woman shut the door behind her.

John was sitted in a chair and Sapphire was on the bed reading.

“Good morning.” Sarah said silently still standing, Megan smiled as they waited for Sapphire to lift up her head.

The girl looked shocked; “Mum! Is that Sarah Lann?” She screamed.

Megan nodded.

“Hello Sapphire.” Sarah chuckled as she moved close to the girl.

“Oh my God. Dad, she is the one.”

“Sarah Lann.” Sarah said as she put out her hand to shake John.

“Thanks for coming. My wife has told me a lot about you and of course i know of your conversion and all that.” He laughed.

“Yeah! Good really used your daughter for me.” She smiled.
Sapphire was still looking at her in awe.

“Can i hug you?” She asked the girl. Sapphire nodded excitedly.

Sarah carefully put her hand around the girl. “I have been waiting to meet you.” She said as soon as she released her.

“I never thought I could see you in real life.” Sapphire confessed.

“Well, here i am.” The actress chuckled as she moved to place her handbag on the side drawer. It was then she saw the manuscript Megan had printed earlier that day.

“What is this?” She asked as she picked up the material and sat down in an empty chair. There were only two chairs in the room. John had stood up and eventually sat beside Sapphire so Megan could have a seat on the other chair.

“It’s the manuscript of Sapphire’s biography.” Megan replied silently.

“Oh!” She said as she opened it and browsed through the pages.
Reading through some lines in the last chapter, she realized something: Sapphire had little time left.

Her eyes glistening with tears, she closed the manuscript and said; “I’m so sorry.”

“Its alright.” Megan shrugged her shoulder.

Sarah looked at the manuscript as an idea dropped in her mind; “Do you mind if I get this published?”

Megan looked at her in surprise; “Really?”

“Yes, or have you gotten a publisher?” Sarah looked from husband to wife.

“No. We are still trying to see what would happen as regards funds.” Megan replied.

Sarah put forth her hand and held Megan’s hand; “Please, Let me do this.”

Megan looked at her husband and he nodded in agreement.

Megan shrugged; “It’s alright. Thank you very much.”

“Thank you. This means a lot to me.” Sarah said thankfully.

She stood up with the manuscript in hand; “I need to make a few calls.” She said as she excused herself from the room.

As soon as she got outside, she called her sister and gave her a brief of the situation of things. She requested Jane get a publisher who could get the book edited and published in a week.

Jane sounded surprised and said she would try her best. She had later called Sarah back and told her she had found someone.

She asked her sister to get the manuscript sent to her. They concluded on the arrangement and Sarah returned to the room to join the family.

She told them the outcome of her calls and asked how many copies should be made available.

“For now, 100 Copies.” Megan replied.

Sarah immediately texted her sister and reassured them work would begin on the book in earnest.

Megan looked at her husband with a look that said ‘God had fulfilled his word to take care of the publication of the book.’

John smiled; “God is faithful.”

“Yes he is.” Megan nodded.

Three days later.

Sapphire held her mother’s hand with her right hand and her father’s with her left hand. They had made her felt loved as this day came close. It would happen anytime soon, she could feel it.

“Mum, Dad I love you.” She said silently.

Her mother wiped a tear that fell from her eyes as husband and wife nodded in silence, sharing the moment without needing words.

They were wrestling with emotions.

Dr James had excused them, giving them this time alone. Before he left, Megan noticed he took a sample of Sapphire’s blood. What he needed it for he didn’t say.

“I’m tired Mum. I’m….” Sapphire whispered before coughing.

Megan sniffed; “It’s okay to go home.” She whispered softly.

Lacing her fingers with her parent’s, the girl closed her eyes.

With a smile on her face, Sapphire took her last breath on this side and her first on the other side.

The monitoring machine barred in alarm.

Megan shivered as she kissed her daughter’s face. In tears she said; “We love you.”

John wiped his eyes as he walked over to his wife’s side. His hand slid behind her neck and turned her face to his shoulder.

The door opened and the doctor entered with Sarah Lann. Megan cried against her husband as the doctor covered the girl’s body.

Sarah couldn’t hold back tears herself.

The doctor cleared his throat and said; “Sapphire Anderson. Date of death: Friday November 1 2018 at 10:54am.”

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