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Dr James looked at Sapphire in concern as he waited for the arrival of the nurses he had sent on an errand.

He looked at the monitoring machine: fast heart beat.

He used his stethoscope to listen to her heartbeat: it only confirmed what he had seen on the machine.

He looked at her skin: it was clammy. Sapphire had anaphylactic reaction: he was now sure of it. Shaking his head with the knowledge that he was dealing with a Severe and potentially life threatening reaction, he prayed that things would not go out of control. If not handled well under certain circumstances, it could lead to the death of the patient. He couldn’t loose Sapphire. No!

“Where is Nurse Daniela? They should be back with the auto-injectors by now.” he asked the two other nurses who were with him irritably.

As if on cue, the door opened and the nurses arrived with the injectors in hand.

The Chief Nursing Officer gave him an apologetic look; “Sorry Sir, it has been long we made use of it so we had to …”

“It’s okay. Let me have them.” He cut in calmly as the nurse handed them to him. He collected them, put them in his pocket and got to work.

“Let’s put her in a recovery position so her airway remains open and clear.” He instructed.

As soon as they had done that, they connected fluids into her system to increase her blood pressure.

“Which type of auto-injector did you bring?” he asked the CNO.

“Epipen Sir.”

“Okay.” He replied as he brought one out of his pocket and pulled off the blue safety cap. The nurses quickly pushed aside the cover clothe on Sapphire’s body. Nodding thankfully, Dr James positioned the tip of the injector few centimeters away from her outer thigh and jabbed it into her flesh.

Silence prevailed as he firmly held it in for 3 seconds before finally removing it. He immediately stretched it towards the nurse who stood directly beside him. She collected it and discarded it.

They waited as he studied her vitals. After 5 minutes, the symptoms had not improved so he administered the second one. He prayed silently as they waited.

“Let’s keep an eye on her heartbeat. We will have to do CPR if it suddenly stops.”

1 minute;


3 minutes; then her breathing returned to normal.

“Thank you Jesus.” The CNO said under her breath.

Dr James released the breath he had been holding in, he then spoke; “Let’s give her an antihistamine possibly Loratadine to relieve the symptoms plus it’s a non-drowsy one. We’ll switch her antibiotics to erythromycin.” He stopped suddenly; “Why didn’t I think of that before?” He shook his head in disbelief.

The Chief Nursing Officer chuckled; “Well done Sir.”

He smiled at her; “Good job CNO.”

“Is she the only one here?” one of the nurses whispered irritably.

Dr James grinned at the nurse; “Alright. Good job everyone.”

The nurse who had spoken smiled and hurried out of the room coyly. Sapphire turned in her sleep just then.

The CNO shook her head; “Who on earth will believe we were actually trying to rescue this girl minutes ago?”

The doctor nodded; “Thank God her mother was near to raise an alarm.”

“Talking of parents, her parents must be worried by now.” He said as he checked her vitals one more time, nodded in satisfaction and turned to leave the room.

“Please come back in about an hour to give her the medications i mentioned.” He said as he walked out.

“I will make sure of that Sir.” The CNO nodded as she walked after him. The rest of the nurses tailed behind them.

As soon as the door opened and the medical team filed out, John and Megan stood up and moved towards them.

“Everything is under control.” Dr James began.

Megan breathed in relief.

“Come with me to my office so we can discuss things. You can check on her later.”

“Alright.” John nodded. Megan looked like she would argue with the doctor but kept still. They followed him quietly to his office and got seated.

As soon as the doctor got behind his table, he remained standing and started apologizing for the mistake on his end; “I should have just gone with another antibiotic.”

“Guess you wanted the infection to leave quickly.” John joked gently.

“It was a serious situation. I mustn’t make that type of mistake ever again; In fact let me note this in her case note now.” He said as he took his seat and searched for the folder on his table. He found it and quickly wrote the report.

Having done that, he closed the folder and set it by the piles of case notes on his table. “Okay. That allergy is called anaphylaxis.” He waited for them to take that in and seeing their confused looks continued; “It is a medical emergency and can be very serious if not treated quickly. Treatment is by immunotherapy and we had to administer two Adrenaline injectors before Sapphire’s vitals came back to normal.”

Husband and wife looked at each other in surprise.

“That reminds me, now that we know she has the tendency to have this kind of allergy, I strongly recommend that you purchase auto injectors for her; Preferably Epipen: the type we used to treat her. It’s best she has two on her everywhere she goes.” He advised.

Megan looked horrified; “You mean just like asthmatic patients go everywhere with their inhaler?”

“Exactly.” Dr James nodded.

“So have you changed her medication?” It was John who asked that.

“That was necessary but apart from the antibiotics she will also be on loratadine tablets to totally subside the symptoms.”

Megan sighed; “It is well.”

“I believe things are under control.” The doctor encouraged them.

“Amen.” John nodded.

“Can we check on her now?” Megan asked.

“Yes.” The doctor replied standing up to lead them out of his office.

John put his hand out to stop him; “Don’t let us be a bother. If we have any question we can ask any of the nurses.”

“Alright then; and please get something to eat.”

“Yes. I have something for us in the car.” John replied.

“Great! I will see you later.” The doctor replied and turned back.

As they walked side by side, Megan’s hand found her husband’s and she said softly; “Trusting Jesus that is all.” John nodded beside her as they entered their daughter’s room.

Sapphire was sleeping soundly when they got there. After being reassured she was alright, the couple strolled out to the car park to bring in the things John had gotten from his short trip home.

They prayed together for some minutes, committing the situation into God’s hands and after that the couple devoured the meal John had bought from a Restaurant on his way back. They didn’t forget to leave their daughter’s portion.

Mrs Smith had just finished marking her students’ class works when her mind wandered to the fact that two of her girls had fallen mysteriously ill in the space of two weeks.

Jane’s mother had been nice to contact her the day before and had simply told her Jane had an infection. Mrs Smith had sent her regards to Jane and promised to pray for the girl but for Sapphire, She had no idea what was going on with the girl.

She let her eyes wander to the girls’ seat which was now occupied by some other two students. Emotions welled in her heart as she pictured the day Jane had joined the school and how the girls had clicked. She recalled the few times she had called them to order in class. She remembered Jane’s action, then Sapphire’s respectful attitude. She smiled; those girls had to be okay.

The bell for lunch rang at that moment jostling her back to reality. She looked up to meet her students’ expectant faces. Could they go for lunch?

She nodded and laughed as they all stood up excitedly and most of them half ran out of the classroom.

Silence prevailed as the teacher arranged the notebooks on her table. She was still busy with that when a knock on the classroom door caused her to look up: it was Frank.

“Stressful Day?” The young teacher asked with a pitiful look.

“Not really! I just miss two of my girls.” Or should I say one? Even with the fact Jane can be rude sometimes, I still miss the girl. She smiled at her own thoughts.

“And which of them?” He asked putting an end to her thoughts.

Her face looked thoughtful; “Sapphire and Jane: the new girl.”

Frank’s face held a look of disbelief; “Wait! You mean they left the school?”

She hissed; “I didn’t say that Frank.” She looked at him with a frown; “The girls are ill, At least from what I know.”


Her voice softened a bit; “Jane’s mother contacted me but I think I have to reach out to Sapphire’s parents myself. Sapphire never misses school.” She crossed her legs and sat back comfortably in her chair.

Frank let his weight rest on the door frame; “You can check her file. I’m sure her parents’ contact will be there somewhere.”

“Yes. Let me do that right away.”

“I hope you are well aware Mrs. Ruby has to give you a note before that woman in charge will let you access any file?”

“Yes. I guess I have to just give it a shot.” She shoved her shoulder.

“Good luck at that. I have to go.” He winked at her.

“Thanks for checking on me. See you later.” She waved and watched as he stepped back into the hall way and walked off.

Mrs Smith breathed in relief and stood up. She prayed things would go well in the administrative building as Frank was right: without a note from the Headmistress, it would be difficult accessing a student’s file. She really couldn’t be left in the dark as regards Sapphire.

As she walked on, she prayed within her; “Lord, whatever is going on with Sapphire, please take control.”

“I can’t help feeling like both girls have the same illness: the same infection; but God, Sapphire is your child Glorify yourself.”

“I have both glorified it and will glorify it again.”

She felt herself relax as she walked into the building.

It had been hours since Sapphire had the anaphylactic reaction and Megan prayed within her as she worked that no complicated situation would arise again.
She had been typing on her Laptop for hours working up the points she had noted in her journal.

Few minutes later, Sapphire woke up and had her portion of the boiled potatoes and roasted chicken. The girl then wondered what she was working on.

“A biography.” Megan simply told her. Her daughter looked at her strangely and just nodded.

Megan felt she could put that moment to good use; “Baby?”

“Yes Mum.”

“Can you tell me some things that have crossed your mind since all these stuffs started?” She watched her daughter’s face for her reaction.

Sapphire wiggled her fingers awkwardly; “Well, one of the most common things that has crossed my mind is couldn’t God had done it that I and Jane wouldn’t meet at all?”

She listened to her daughter.

“Like God knows all things, he knew that would happen.”

Megan looked thoughtful but didn’t say a word so Sapphire continued; “Couldn’t he have just done it that all those bad scenes wouldn’t occur at all?”

Megan sighed; God had definitely warned her the morning Sapphire was meant to visit Jane: the nudging was there.

God had made it happen that Jane hadn’t planted the idea of the visitation into Sapphire’s head from school.

He had done it that she herself was the one who answered Jane’s call.

The uncomfortable feeling was there. The fact that even if she had said Sapphire shouldn’t go, the girl wouldn’t have argued could have aided her decision.

“God warned us, at least he warned me.” She pushed her left hand through her hair as if in anguish.

Sapphire looked at her softly; “But God is still faithful right? He definitely still loves me?”

Megan pulled her seat closer to the bed; “Yes sweetheart, don’t ever doubt the love of God.”

Her face became serious; “Sapphire, the truth is no believer ever lives without facing temptations but God is so faithful that he wouldn’t allow us to be tempted beyond what we can take; beyond the grace and strength he has provided for us.”

“So i disappointed God? I failed him?” Sapphire welled up in tears.

Megan whispered; “Sapphire, when we fall into sin, yes we disappoint God. But you know what? We disappoint him more when we remain in that state of unrighteousness. At that point, one’s soul is in danger.”

“Sapphire, you realized your wrong; you knew you had sinned against God but more than that you repented and asked God for forgiveness and baby, that gives God Joy.”

The words were getting into the girl but she just listened without saying a word.

Megan continued; “Let me share with you something the Lord told me the evening we brought you in, that was before any of us knew what was really wrong with you.”

“I had been wondering before the Lord if all these was happening because of what had transpired between you girls; but God said; ‘Megan, Sapphire is forgiven. I, even I, am he who blots out your transgressions, for my own sake, and remembers your sins no more.’ He said he had forgiven your wickedness and he remembers your sin no more.”

“So my dear, just forget the past. Live this present moment in a better way. Love God and just remind yourself that you are dear to him and he holds you in his arms.”

Sapphire smiled; “Thanks Mum.”

“You are welcome my daughter.” She squeezed the girl’s hand adoringly.

The ringtone of Megan’s phone interrupted that moment and she used her right hand to pick it from the top of the bedside drawer where it was. Sapphire watched as she stared at the number on the screen.

“I don’t know who this is. Why don’t I find out?” Mother and daughter smiled at each other as she answered the call.

“Megan Anderson on the line.”

She listened to the person on the other end and smiled broadly; “Mrs Smith;” Sapphire sat up at that.

“Careful;” Megan whispered before speaking on; “its nice hearing from you. I have heard so much about you from my daughter.” She grinned at Sapphire when she realized the girl was trying to follow the conversation.

Sapphire decided the teacher must have asked after her as her mother explained to the woman that she was ill and was on admission in a hospital. The women talked for few minutes.

“We would appreciate your prayers. Thanks for reaching out Ma.” Megan said before she ended the call.

She smiled at her daughter; “She sounds like a woman that will make a good friend.”

Sapphire pouted; “She is a wonderful woman.”

Megan chuckled; “She is probably your best teacher since you started school.” She eyed her daughter with a smile.

“You are right.” Sapphire replied as she looked around the room as if she was seeing the room for the first time.

She looked thoughtful for sometime before finally turning to her mother; “Mum, where is Dad?”

“Oh! He said he needed a nap and he’s doing that in his vehicle.” She laughed.

Sapphire joined her; “He really did looked tired the last time i saw him.”

The laughter died down and Megan looked at her; “Yes. Is there something you want him to do?”

Sapphire shook her head; “No. I guess there is something I want to tell both of you.”

She looked around the room again; “I guess not.”

She sighed; “I don’t know. Mum, I want to sleep.”

Megan frowned; her daughter was acting strange and that was the second time she would catch her looking around the room oddly. What was she looking for?

She looked round the room herself; Could Sapphire be seeing things? It couldn’t be.

She looked around the room again, hoping to catch anything out of place but found none.

She turned to look at her daughter but found her watching her intently; “Come on Mum, forget i said that.” Sapphire said with a smile as she closed her eyes.

Megan sighed as she couldn’t help but wonder what was going through her daughter’s mind. She once again told God to take control.

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