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Sapphire crawled out of her bed with tears fighting its way out of her eyes. Immediately after her lunch, she had retired to her room for her siesta so she could work on her assignments later in the evening.

As she walked out of her room, she clutched her stomach in pain while also listening for movements to know exactly where her mother was around the house.

“In here.” Megan called from the living room having heard a door being opened and shut.

A tearful Sapphire walked into the room noting the fact that her mother was listening to a sermon on her phone.

“Mum;” She called with croaked voice.

“Hope you slept well?” Megan asked as she looked up at her daughter. She stopped. “Have you been crying?”

“My stomach hurts.” Sapphire replied, tearing up even more.

“Sorry dear; Come sit beside me.” Megan patted the space beside her as she watched her daughter take forced steps towards her.

“When did you start feeling uncomfortable?”

Sapphire coughed before answering. “Since daybreak.”

Megan didn’t like that. “You should have told me.”

“I’m sorry Ma. I just felt I would be relieved in no time. I was wrong. I have had to go to the restroom thrice today. I feel so sick.” She explained.

Mother and daughter kept quiet for sometime as Sapphire shifted uneasily beside her Mother. “Mum, something doesn’t feel right.”

Megan looked confused and Sapphire sighed quietly before speaking on. “Jane had to leave school two weeks ago because of stomach pain. She was weeping profusely.”

Megan stared at her daughter with squinted eyes. “What do you mean?”

“Never mind. It’s just…” She couldn’t help but wonder if the stomach pain had anything to do with what had happened between her and Jane weeks ago.

“Where exactly does it hurt you?” Her mother asked interjecting her thoughts.

“Here.” She replied as she absentmindedly directed her right hand towards the lower part of her waist.

Megan stretched forth her hand. “Here?” She suddenly applied pressure on the spot.

“Mum!” Sapphire screamed out loud and fell against her mother. Megan’s heart thumped.

“Sapphire.” She called in misery.

No response.

She waved her right hand over the child’s face to confirm her suspicion. Her daughter was out.

Scared out of her wit, she laid the girl down on the settee with her face up. She hurriedly picked up her phone and called her husband’s office line.

“Sweetheart, Sapphire blacked out.” She said as soon as she knew he was listening.

“What happened?” He asked with a calm voice.

Megan moved to stand directly under the ceiling fan as she was suddenly feeling hot. “She told me she had stomach pain, diarrhea and… and…” She stammered.

“Sweetheart, I need you to calm down.” He whispered.


“Think of the child you are carrying. You need to stay calm.”

Megan sighed. No wonder she was feeling hot and dizzy. She had almost forgotten she was weeks gone.

John continued; “You are frightened; I can hear it in your voice. Your hands are probably so sweaty by now.”

Megan looked down at her hands. He was right. “You guessed right.” She whispered.

“Well, I…” He started to say when she cut in again. “John, Sapphire also said she was feeling sick and…”

“Megan;” He called.

“Yes.” She was on the verge of tears now.

“Are you okay?” He asked softly.

“I don’t know. I’m feeling hot and dizzy. John, please come home.”

“Alright. I will be with you in less than 5minutes. Stay calm sweetheart. Sapphire will be fine.” He said as she listened to his movements at the other end. He asked her to get dressed before he got back.

“Alright.” She replied as she ended the call.

She looked at her daughter’s still body anxiously before hurrying towards the bedroom she shared with her husband.

In less than a minute, she was back in the sitting room. She moved to adjust her daughter’s clothing when she realized the girl was burning up. She hurried to Sapphire’s room and soon returned with her towel and a basin of water.

As she cleaned her daughter, she prayed silently but couldn’t help but wonder when John would arrive.

Megan had just finished throwing the water she used away and was returning to her daughter’s side when John rushed in.

She watched in silence as he checked their daughter’s pulse and without much ado lifted the girl up his shoulders and hurried outside the house.

Megan rushed after him with her Clutch Purse in hand. She locked the door behind her and assisted him in positioning their daughter in the backseat of his vehicle. Husband and wife got in the car hurriedly and the vehicle was soon out on the road. It was with no little prayer they got to the Hospital they frequented as a Family.

John had already called their Family Consultant ahead so it was no surprise that Dr James was waiting at the entrance of the Emergency Ward with a gurney and two other ER nurses when they arrived.

The nurses assisted in getting Sapphire out of the car and in settling her on the gurney. The couple held hands as they watched their daughter being wheeled off by the nurses even as the Doctor promised that all was going to be well.

Dr James soon returned minutes later to inform them she was stable but they had to run some tests to find out was wrong. John hurried to make payments for the tests and as soon as he returned to the Reception and sat down beside his wife, she shifted towards him silently.

He looked up at her face and he guessing her silent plea to be held, reached out to her with his right hand and pulled her to him.

She laid her head on her husband’s chest quietly: Closing her eyes to savor the moment.

“How are you feeling?” He asked quietly.

She sighed with her eyes still closed. “Strangely tired.”

“We’ll be fine. Sapphire is fine.” He reassured as he rubbed her shoulder with his free hand.

Thirty minutes went by but neither had Dr James nor any of the nurses approached them.

Megan opened her eyes; “I don’t think i can sit here not knowing what’s going on.”

“Hmmm.” John murmured quietly.

“Can I go to the Hospital chapel?” She asked without turning to look at his face.

“Need to consult the Greatest Authority?” He asked softly.

“Something like that.” She replied.

“I would never stop you, he gave you to me.” She heard a smile in his voice so she slowly lifted her head off her husband’s chest and looked at him. He was grinning widely.

“What is it?” She asked.

“You look beautiful for a strangely tired woman.”

She blushed. She moved to ease out of his hold.

“Not so fast, beautiful.” Confused, she looked up at him but before she could ask him what he meant, he leaned in and brushed his lips against hers: so quick it could be missed by the people around them.
She smiled as he loosened his hold on her. “Go talk to Our Father.”

She nodded as she stood up.

“We’ll have our own talk here. Someone needs to be around when the Doctor comes for us. I will find you when he comes out.” He added tiredly.

“Thank you.” She replied before walking away.

Megan entered the Building noiselessly and looked around. She sighed in relief when she realized she was the only one inside the Chapel. Immediately she stepped in, she felt herself relaxed and wondered why.

The sanctuary was beautiful no doubt but there was something about the atmosphere.

It felt Divine.

For the next few minutes, she could talk to her Heavenly Father without any distraction. She could cry her heart out if need be.

Yes! She was very much in God’s Presence.

She looked around the building as it was the first time she would step foot in it. She had always known the hospital had a chapel but never had any reason to enter the building; until that moment.

She noted the fact that the Benches were arranged in three Columns, with the middle one directly opposite the Pulpit.

She moved towards the left and the middle column, and eventually found herself walking between the two columns. Silence prevailed in the building save for the sound of the heel of her flat sandals against the tiled floor. She walked towards the altar determinedly but stopped few rows away from it. She turned and slowly entered the third row of the middle column. As soon as she hit the bench, she felt tears roll uncontrollably down her face.

Staring at the altar in silence, she said; “Lord, I’m sorry but I’m scared.”

“I’m scared the doctor will say my girl is really sick.” She closed her eyes as if in pain.

“I’m afraid of what those test results will reveal.” She sobbed.

“Lord, I’m afraid because…” She let her voice fade out.

I’m listening, daughter. Why are you afraid?

“Lord, I’m sorry but I feel like this is happening because of what happened between my daughter and Jane.” She sniffed.

Megan, Sapphire is forgiven.

“I, even I, am he who blots out
your transgressions, for my own sake, and remembers your sins no more …”

For I have forgiven her wickedness and I remember her sins no more.”

“I’m sorry Lord. I shouldn’t allow fear in the first place.”

Yes. Remember “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” Sound Mind is what I have given to you.

Peace is what I have given to you.

“Yes Lord, I need Peace. I have another precious gift of yours in my womb.”

“Lord, I feel weak. I need your Strength.” She cried out.

My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.

She then committed all into God’s hands: asking him to take control of whatever would be happening.

Unbeknownst to the interceding mother, a young man walked into the Chapel using the door on the Right hand side of the building. He could easily pass off as a Medical Doctor since he had a White Coat draped over his T-Shirt.

He walked towards a Grand Piano that was settled at the front of the Right Column: which was the left hand side for anyone who stood on the altar and faced the pew.

A stool was positioned in front of the large instrument, so he eased himself gently onto the stool and struck a key on the musical instrument.

Megan had just rounded up her prayer when she heard the sound.

In surprise, she lifted up her head and saw him. She wondered how he had come in without her hearing his footsteps.

She gently relaxed. At least she had enjoyed the space she needed.

She sat for some seconds watching his every move. He obviously had difficulty deciding what to play. By his demeanor, He didn’t know someone was watching him. He probably thought he was alone in the building.

Megan was feeling better, so she cleaned her face with her handkerchief and stood up to go. Dr James should have gotten something to tell them by now.

“Simply Trusting Everyday;” the young man started as he played along.

Megan stopped.

“Trusting through a stormy way; even when my faith is small; Trusting Jesus that is all.”

She didn’t know when she hit the bench back.

“Trusting as the moments fly; Trusting as the days go by; trusting him whatever befall; Trusting Jesus that is all.”

Tears rolled down her face as she closed her eyes and listened as he sang through the four verses of the song.

After that, the man fell silent and just played the prelude. Seconds later, he suddenly stopped playing.

Megan opened her eyes to see he was now looking towards her direction. He had seen her. She sought for words to say but couldn’t find any before he started playing the refrain again.

“Trusting as the moment fly,” he sang as his eyes encouraged her to sing along; “Trusting as the days go by; trusting him whatever befall; Trusting Jesus that is all.” She sang along in tears.

They sang the refrain one more time before they ended the song on a soft note.

“Thank you and God bless you.” Megan eventually said. At that moment, she felt like a river of peace had been unlocked within her.

The man smiled. “Amen.”

“Why did you come here?” She asked thoughtfully. “I mean what made you come here? You came at the perfect time.”

He chuckled at her look. “All the Glory is to God. I just felt the urge to spend my break time here. It has been a long time since I played the Piano.”

“Oh Wow.” Megan looked awed.

“You know what? I realized my fingers just played that song across the piano, so i just gave in. The truth is I couldn’t even control it.” He explained as he stood up and shoved his hands into his side pockets.

“That song is a message to me. Trust me when I say I am strengthened.” She said from where she sat.

“I’m grateful the Lord drew me here with a precious soul in mind.” He said walking towards her.

“I’m thankful the Lord is here with me.” Megan added smiling.

“Yeah! I need to go back to the Laboratory.” He said suddenly.

“Oh. I already concluded you were a Medical Doctor because of your white coat. Or do you just want to make a stop at the Lab? ” She asked.

The young man laughed. “My name is Chris. I’m a Lab Scientist.”

“I see. Don’t let me be a bother. Take care of yourself.” She smiled as she waved him off.

“And you too.” He replied as he walked past her and out of the chapel.

“Thank you Lord.” Megan said and she stood up to leave when her phone chimed in her clutch purse.

She decided it could be a message from her husband so she hurriedly brought her cellphone out.

She was wrong. It was a message from an unknown number.

She sighed as she tapped on the message to view the complete text. She started reading.

“Hi. This is Dorothy, Jane’s mother.”

Megan paused.

Why would the woman contact her?

Had Jane told her parents what happened during Sapphire’s visit?

She decided to sit back as the message was worth reading patiently. She continued;

“If I’m right, your daughter should be complaining of stomach pains, diarrhea and showing other symptoms by now.”

Megan frowned.

She read on; “Jane told me about what happened between her and Sapphire.” Okay, but what has that got to do with the stomach ache?

“My daughter had been having stomach issues and weeks ago we had to rush her to the hospital from her school. Aren’t you concerned that both girls are presently in a hospital?”

Megan felt blood drain from her face. Sapphire had mentioned something like that too. But how did Dorothy know Sapphire was presently in the hospital ?

She read the next line.

She blinked. That one line was enough to make her throw up.

“Jesus! Ha! No!” It couldn’t be. She had to read that line again.

No! Not her daughter.

“Megan, forget that one line for now. You need to finish reading this message.” She told herself.

She read on; “We wondered how Jane came about it and discovered that our Chauffeur, Seth had been having carnal knowledge of our daughter for sometime. Turned out he transferred it to my daughter and mine to yours. Infact Seth’s family contacted us that he’s dead.” What?

“He didn’t even know anything was wrong with him as the symptoms didn’t show up early.”

No! It had to be a Lie.

Her head was throbbing heavily.

“I know you find this hard to believe but Sapphire has been infected. Please take care of her. We plan to fly Jane out for treatment as she showed symptoms really late and she is really deteriorating. Please contact us if you need any help.”

Megan dropped her phone on the floor in shock.

The woman had to have typed nonsense. Lies!

She bent down to pick up her phone and quickly grabbed her purse. Her eyes caught the piano at that moment as she remembered the moment she had spend talking with God and her encounter with Chris.

She shivered. She had to know what the doctors knew; not the lies Dorothy had sent her.

Yes! She had to know the truth. She would believe only the truth.

She stopped.

The truth? What if the truth was bitter?

Well, she just had to find out. She turned and walked briskly out of the Chapel.

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