I saw a ‘Sponsored Ad’ for some months.

Its details left my mouth hanging.

It went thus:

Become the owner of a Beautiful Home in five months.

Side benefits: A Caring Husband who is the President of his own Company.

Two lovely kids that study at one of the best schools in the State.

My Position as the Vice President in my husband’s company and other attractive benefits.

Price: Free.

Wait a minute.

You are probably asking yourself what kind of Ad this is.

Well, a certain woman ‘I’ know did that.

The funny truth is she actually lost everything to someone else.


Was it that this woman actually paid for a Sponsored Ad on Facebook or on a social media platform?

Oh! That’s not it.

I will give you all the details of how she put up her home for sale.

Follow me carefully.

When Deola and Segun got married, they had a wonderful home.

Both were partners of a Big Company but Segun was the President and Deola acted as the Vice President. They were blessed with two kids who lacked nothing and attended the best schools right from childhood.

Deola and her husband Segun were Believers, so things were going on well.

Suddenly, Deola started misbehaving.

I don’t know what happened since they were born again Christians but things started going wrong.

To top it all, Deola ‘decided’ to give another woman a chance in her home.

I was as surprised as you are.

Well, how did she do that?

She did so by first neglecting her duties as a mother and wife in her home.

She did so by always reminding her husband they were partners in the company and started disrespecting her husband in the presence of their extended family members and their children.

I began to wonder what changed all the Godly Virtues of a Christian wife that she once portrayed.

I had no answers.

Beloved, she continued to put up this ‘Ad’ by absenting herself from a signing of an important deal for their company which she knew her absence there would lead to a great loss for them.

Stranded, Segun put a call to his wife’s Cousin, Kemi who also worked in their company to step in as the representative of the Vice President at the occasion and the deal was a Success. Deola never asked her husband how things went.

She further put up this ‘Ad’ by leaving her resignation letter on her husband’s work table. Her monthly pay was not to reduce in any way.

Frustrated, Segun didn’t ask her any questions and just told Kemi to continue as the Acting VP. Before long he had to cut Deola’s pay to 40%. She was not working and it was affecting the company’s finance.

Life went on and Deola started moving around with women who were either Divorced or Single Mothers. These women couldn’t stop advising her on how to run her home.

She never cared about the welfare of her children and always returned home late.

Before long, Segun started taking his children with him everywhere he went except when they were in school. He couldn’t trust his wife with them any longer.

Was this home still a Godly Home?

I doubt it.

Deola continued to put the ‘Ad’ up by complaining that the money her husband gave her was so small for her. He ought to continue to pay her the money she collected as the VP. He didn’t budge.

She continued to put the ‘Ad’ up by dragging the issue that Segun was not taking care of her to one of their Godly friends.

Segun explained the situation and they told him to just help her add more since she was still trying to adjust.

He said he would increase her monthly pay and apologized to her. He also told her to resume her duties as a wife and mother should, even if she won’t be working.

My people, Deola was not satisfied. She couldn’t even forgive her husband for the money issue.

Before long, she started insisting on divorce. Her friends probably told her he would have to give her half of his wealth if that happened.

Her husband pleaded that he would try and adjust as regards the money issue but no, she wanted divorce.

Segun had no choice but to agree with her and the case started.

Unfortunately for her, the Judge on the case could see that she was not being maltreated by her husband in any way.

He concluded the case by granting the divorce and allowing each of them to keep a child.

Segun was told he owed her nothing but to be paying her 10,000 Naira monthly for the welfare of the child with her.

Deola was petrified at the turnout of events. She wasn’t even given a house or huge amount of money like her friends predicted.

It wasn’t up to two weeks, when the child with her insisted she wanted to go back to her father’s house.

The girl was eventually taken back.

That was how Deola lost everything.

At a point, he stopped sending her the 10,000 Naira altogether.

Dear Readers, Segun eventually married another woman.

It was then Deola realized she had lost it all.

They were supposed to be believers but it look to me like their Salvation was long lost or what can we say about that?

Do you now understand how she put up the Sponsored Ad?

I know you do.

Dear Lady/Woman, Be Wise.

(Work of Fiction)

NB: The mention of Single Mothers and Divorcees does not mean anything personal. Thank you.

Let me know what you think about Deola’s action.

What do you have to say about Segun marrying another wife?

What lessons did you learn personally?

Is it really possible that issues as these arise in a Christian Home?

Kindly drop your comments.


  1. Hmm… pathetic!
    Could this be a manipulation..

    Ungodly counsel! Beware, evil communication corrupts good manners!

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