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“I owe it all to Jesus; I owe it all to him…” Megan sang as she worked around the house, mostly packing her families dirty clothing’s in preparation for the laundry she would be doing the next day.

As she sang, she remembered to commit her daughter into God’s hands. Suddenly, someone banged at the door.

“Hold on.” She called out as she took a steady walk towards the living room. The bang continued as if the person at the door was furious.

Megan frowned. Sapphire and John would never knock that way.

“Will you please not pull down my door?” She said firmly before reaching the door. The knock stopped.

She hissed as she removed the lock and opened the door.

There in front of the door stood Sapphire in tears.

Megan blinked in surprise.

“Come here.” she whispered as she opened her arms.

“Mum” Sapphire called running into her mother for a hug.

Time ticked on as Mother and daughter remained like that for sometime. Sapphire didn’t stop crying.

Eventually, Megan loosened her hold and pulled her into the house with her. She locked the door behind them. She collected her daughter’s backpack and lunch box and made her sit on the settee.

She couldn’t help but wonder what had happened.

Had the girls fought?

Had Jane hurt her? She sighed.
Sapphire kept on crying without saying a word, leaving Megan to imagine many things.

“Mum, I need a shower. I feel dirty.” Sapphire said amidst tears.

Megan was more confused.

She shrugged. Her daughter knew she could trust her with anything and she didn’t want to act desperate.

“Okay.” She said as she assisted the girl up to her room. As soon as they entered the room, Sapphire went straight to her bathroom.

Megan waited but kept pacing her daughter’s room. Not too long she started hearing Sapphire talking and weeping from the bathroom.

She stopped. Was Sapphire praying in the bathroom?

Her daughter had mentioned that she was feeling dirty.

Her heartbeat quickened. Had her daughter been raped?

She shook her head in protest.

No, it couldn’t be.

Had Jane come through to her words of showing Sapphire things? She prayed not.

“Lord, I hope we haven’t made a terrible mistake by letting Sapphire visit Jane’s house.” She prayed quietly.

Sapphire stepped out of her bathroom at that moment with her towel wrapped round her body. Megan moved towards her and aided her to her bed.

Mother and daughter sat gazing at each other waiting for who would start the dialogue that was bound to happen.

Megan couldn’t stand it anymore. “What happened?”

That question seems to set off another ocean of tears. Megan began to wonder what her daughter had been through.

“Mum, Jane is a really bad girl.” Sapphire whispered.

Megan kept mute but her thoughts were in chaos.

God! I shouldn’t have let her go.

Jane hurt my daughter right?

“Mum, you aren’t saying anything.” Sapphire urged.

“What happened?” She asked as she brushed off a tear that had dropped.

“Will God forgive me?” Sapphire whimpered. “I was supposed to influence her but she got me to do dirty things.”

Megan’s heart thumped within her. “Go on.” She urged and listened as her daughter recounted to her all that happened from the moment she set foot into Jane’s home to her ordeal with Seth.

“Mum, Seth is right.” Sapphire admitted in tears.

Megan was doing her best not to break down in front of her daughter but the tears kept flowing.

She sniffled. “Sapphire, how about you rest a bit? I need to do something.” Sapphire looked at her in surprise.

“Much more than what I have to say, you need to ask God for forgiveness.” She explained.

Sapphire squirmed in her seat. “I have said I’m sorry so many times but I don’t know.”

Megan sighed. “God hates it when his children fall into sin. But he hates it more when they don’t realize they have done wrong and repent. He is our father and he always forgives our wrongs.”

“Alright Mum. I’m sorry I insisted I wanted to go.” Sapphire wiggled her fingers awkwardly.

“I’m sorry too. I should have known the Lord was trying to warn me this morning when I woke up with that burden and reluctance to let you go.” Megan said regrettably.

“Daddy also permitted me.”

“You know some times we are not sensitive to the Spirit’s instruction.” Megan replied sadly.

Sapphire now had a determined look on her face. “I need to ask God for forgiveness. I need to tell him how sorry I am.”

“That’s the right thing to do. I will check back on you.”

“Okay Ma.” She replied as Megan stood and excused herself.

As soon as Sapphire was left alone, she got down on her knees and in tears confessed her wrong doing. She told the Lord to forgive her for being careless and also promised not to walk with ungodly friends any longer.

By the time she rose up from that position, she knew with the whole of her heart that her Heavenly Father had forgiven her.

Megan sat at the study table in the room she shared with her husband as she thought back to all Sapphire had recounted to her.

In tears, she thanked the Lord that Seth hadn’t succeeded in what he had desired to do to her daughter.
She asked that the Lord forgive her for not been sensitive enough and that he forgive and help Sapphire not to be discouraged by what had transpired. She sincerely prayed that the Lord give her the right words for her daughter.

Megan couldn’t help but pray for Jane that the Lord had mercy on the girl and deliver her from the yoke of sexual sin.

After the prayer, she felt she was now in the right state to talk to Sapphire.

She stood up and picked her Bible from the study table. Suddenly, she felt the urge to throw up. She dropped her Bible and hurried to the bathroom. In seconds, the contents of her stomach had being deposited into the toilet basin.

“What is wrong with me?” She exhaled as she cleaned her mouth with running water and went out of the bathroom.

She picked her Bible back from where she had dropped it and left the room.

She hummed as she walked towards her daughter’s room.
She knocked briefly, opened the door and entered. Sapphire was sitting at her study table with her Bible in front of her.

“Mum, are you alright? You don’t look good.” Sapphire asked as Megan sat down on her bed and bid her to come.

“It’s nothing to worry about. I just threw up. I will be fine.” She reassured as her daughter stood up from the study table and sat beside her.

“Okay.” Sapphire looked at her mother in a funny way.

Megan glared back at her. “What is it?”

Sapphire had a wide smile on her face. “Nothing.”

Megan then told her they would be spending sometime to study the Bible. Before they began, Megan prayed that the Lord speak through his word and grant them clear understanding of his words.

“Let’s start with I John 1:9.” Megan began and both opened to that part of the Bible. “It says if we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”

“Sapphire, first of all I want to reassure you that since you have confessed and seek forgiveness from God, he has forgiven you.”

“Since God has forgiven you, who is the devil that he should accuse you? Or Sapphire, who are you that you should hold that act against yourself or remain in anger against yourself?”

“When the Devil tries to accuse you, tell him to his face that God has forgiven you and remind him that old things are passed away and all things are made new.”

“When you remember this fall, don’t be angry at yourself or in this case hold it against Seth or Jane. Like God has forgiven you, forgive them and also forgive yourself. If you still hold this day against yourself, you will not be able to accomplish the great things you ought to achieve. So let it be in the whole of your being that you are forgiven. Do you understand?”

“Yes Ma.” Sapphire replied.

“Good.” Both went on to study and discuss Romans 1:27, 31; Mark 9:43, 45 and I Corinthians 9:27.

Megan concluded her words by saying; “Sapphire, you need to detach yourself from Jane. You are not to hate her but to be candid you girls can’t be friends. It’s an unequal yoke. And then you need to pray for her. God died for her too you know.”

Sapphire nodded in agreement as Megan asked thoughtfully; “How can Seth take advantage of a girl young enough to be his sister?”

Sapphire hissed. “I’m going to ask Mrs. Smith to change my seat partner.”

Megan had no problem with that. In fact she smiled. “As you wish.”

“Why are you smiling?” Sapphire blinked.

Megan laughed. “Remember you were worried if I was going to approach Mrs. Smith just last week. What a twist.”

Sapphire smiled in agreement as they both heard footsteps from outside the room.

“That would be your Dad. He probably had to use his key. ” Megan whispered. John might have knocked but since they weren’t in the Living room plus they were discussing they wouldn’t have heard.

“Who is home?” John called out from the hallway.

“Come over here.” Megan called back.

“Okay Sweetie.” He replied from outside the door and he soon opened the door and entered the room.

“Hello Girls. What are you two up to?” He winked.

“Having one of our mother and daughter time .” Megan replied thoughtfully.

John nodded. “Okay. Sapphire, how did your day with Jane go?”

No one talked. Sapphire and Megan just smiled at him but he could grasp that something had happened and he wanted to know.

He looked at his wife questionably.

Megan spoke up. “Sweetheart, a lot happened today.”

“Do I need to sit?” He asked noting Sapphire was not even making any move to talk.

“Please do.” Megan said as she held out the study chair for him to sit.

“Sapphire, you haven’t even welcomed me back from work?” He asked with lined brow.

Sapphire looked down at her Bible “Welcome Dad.”

“Okay. What happened?” he asked his wife in eagerness.

Megan narrated all Sapphire recounted to her when she came back as John listened in Silence. When she was done, he asked Sapphire some questions and she answered.

He looked at his wife and daughter helplessly. “This is too much for me to engross.”

He turned to Sapphire. “And your mother didn’t want you to go?”

Megan placed her hand on his shoulder. “Sweetheart, don’t be weary because of this. We have all learnt from this one.”

He used his right hand to run his hair through. “I can’t believe all these happened to you. Thank God Seth didn’t succeed. I don’t know what I would have done but maybe I would have pressed charges against him.”

Megan pushed herself out of the bed a bit. “Do you think we should contact her parents?”

Sapphire looked at her in disbelief. “Her parents will never be opportune. Let’s just ignore them.” Sapphire even went on to recount all Jane had told her about her parents.

“That home is wrecked.” Megan lamented.
“But that does not change the fact that we need to pray for that girl.” John pointed out. “Let’s just pray for now. God will take control.” And they prayed together as a family.

“Please can we eat out tonight?” was the first statement Megan uttered as soon as they finished praying. She was looking at her husband with pleading eyes.

Sapphire laughed. “Really, Mum?”

“Yes baby. For some reasons, I’m really craving for Boiled Potatoes and Roasted Chicken.” Sapphire stared at her Mother with bulging eyes. John kept gazing at her in surprise.

Sapphire couldn’t control her laughter any longer. “Well, I’m in! We haven’t eaten out in months.”

John stayed seated but was looking at his wife suspiciously.

Meghan’s lips were now set in a pout of mocked annoyance. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

John smiled sweetly. “I’m actually trying to figure things out. The last time you almost tore the house down while trying to roast chicken to eat with boiled potatoes because of your persistent craves was when we were expecting Sapphire.” He smiled widely;

“This is one of your pregnancy turn-ups.”

Sapphire gaped at her mother as Megan stared at her husband with widened eyes. “Are you saying…?” She couldn’t complete the sentence as her daughter kept looking from husband to wife with calculative eyes. “Mum, are you pregnant?”

“Well, we can’t say for sure.” She replied using her right hand to rub her tummy affectionately.

Sapphire was so excited. “But we can know right?” The question was directed to the father this time.

“Of course. A Visit to Dr James will give us the answer we so desire.” He replied with a wide grin.

Sapphire rushed to John excitedly. Before Megan knew it, Father and Daughter were already talking about the sex of the baby and choices of names.

She frowned. “Can we just go get dressed for dinner already?”

They stopped talking and looked at her in awe.

“Please be nice.” She added.
Sapphire and John looked at each other and smiled.

Then they ignored her and continued talking.

“Don’t you get it?” She asked touchily. They looked at her again with amused eyes.

She now had their attention. “The Baby wants to eat Chicken.” She said with puppy eyes as father and daughter burst into laughter.

That night after the Anderson’s came back from eating out, they retired to bed almost immediately.

“Sweetheart, thank you for that sumptuous Dinner.” Megan said before kissing her husband and drifting off to sleep.

Watching her sleep, John traced her lips with his fingers.

Pregnancy made his wife act like a baby sometimes but he loved that.

He smiled at the thought of how much he was going to spend on Boiled Potatoes and Roasted Chicken this time around.

He just hoped she wouldn’t wake up during the night one day and demand he got her roasted chicken. That would be interesting.

His smile widened. For her happiness, he would inconvenient himself.

He closed the little distance between them and pecked her on her forehead. John soon drifted off to sleep.

Watch out for Sapphire VIII.

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