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Meghan woke up to the sound of her 5am alarm the next morning and the first thing that came to her mind was the fact that her daughter would be going to her friend’s house after school.

She had discussed the issue with her husband after he came back from work and he had not seen anything wrong in Sapphire spending time with her friend. He had even reassured her that their daughter could be trusted.

Meghan looked beside her at John who was fast asleep.

She stood up silently, pulled her night wear tighter and found her way to the bathroom.

Sound of running water could be heard as she washed her face and brushed her teeth to avoid her nodding off during devotion.

She hummed a song of worship as she cleaned up as once again she felt a troubled thought stare within her.

“Why do I feel reluctant in letting Sapphire visit Jane?” She asked herself.

She pushed the thought away as she rinsed her mouth and returned to the bedroom.

Pulling the plastic chair from under the study table noiselessly, she sat down to pray when a muffled voice called out from the bed behind her. “Good morning beautiful.”

“Good morning Sir.” She replied with a smile. “I didn’t know you are awake.”

“Well, your movement in the bathroom woke me up.” He replied as he stood up slowly and went to the bathroom.

By the time he came back in, his wife had started her morning devotion.

He walked over to where she sat, picked up his Bible from the Study table, before walking back to his side of the bed. Before long, he was on his knees talking to his maker.

About two hour later, Meghan was rushing in and out of the kitchen to make sure breakfast was ready and each of them could set out for the day.

Her husband walked into the kitchen to also check out things. He was working on his tie.

“Mum, My lunch box.” Sapphire shouted from the sitting room where she was putting a finishing touch to the arrangement of her schoolbooks into her backpack.

“Hold on.” Megan called back as she entered the living room again.

“Mum, should I take change of clothes since I’ll be visiting Jane’s after school?” Husband and wife looked at each other in silence as their daughter looked at them for answers.

Megan shrugged. “I don’t think that is necessary. Today is Friday so I’ll work on laundry tomorrow.”

“Alright Mum.”

“Here is your lunch” Megan said as she dropped the food flask on the table and Sapphire moved towards it. She quickly packed it with her water bottle into her lunch box. Megan also packed hers and her husband’s.

“Mum, I need to hurry so I’ll not miss the bus.” Sapphire told her mum.

“Okay. Come over here Sapphire.” Sapphire walked towards her mum.

Megan laid a hand on her daughter’s shoulder as she began. “The truth is I’m a bit reluctant in letting you visit Jane but I trust that the Lord will be with you. Daughter, I also need you to be careful.”

Sapphire smiled. “I will Mum.” She gave her mum a peck before moving to go.

“And mine?” Her dad asked feigning displeasure.

Sapphire laughed. She hurried to him and hugged him.

“Bye sweetheart.” Her Dad said.

“Have a great working day.” She said as she turned to go.

“Thanks for reminding us we have a long working day ahead of us.” Megan smiled.

Sapphire hurried out of the house to catch the bus and she was just on time because as she neared the bus stop the school bus arrived.

It was with great delight she told Jane her parents had permitted her to visit with Jane after school.

As soon as Sapphire stepped into Jane’s home, the first thing she did was gasp in astonishment.

She looked around the living room in awe as Jane blabbed on about her parents not been at home and always coming in late at night.

“Your home is beautiful.” Sapphire said dreamily.

Jane gawked. “Well, thanks.”

“And big.” Sapphire completed.

“That I agree on. It’s usually lonesome being in here alone. Thanks for Susan.” She said referring to the housemaid who took care of things around the house.

The lady in question entered just then. “Welcome Miss.”

Sapphire stared at the Dark plump lady who was also staring back at her.

“She’s African?” Sapphire whispered to Jane who smiled in response. “And there is the same look i had on my face the first time I met her.”

Susan coughed reminding them of her presence.

“What is it for lunch?” Jane asked the maid.

“Chicken and dumplings.”

“My favorite.” Jane said excitedly.

“I still have the meal mum packed for my lunch.” Sapphire put in.

“Okay. She can help you heat it up and dish it out.” Jane said.

“Alright.” Sapphire replied as she handed her lunch box to Susan who went towards a place Sapphire thought would be the kitchen.

She couldn’t help but think that Jane handled things a bit like an adult.

“Let’s eat first before we go to my room.” Jane said as Sapphire jolted back.

Sapphire smiled. “Okay.” “Are you not going to put off your uniform?” She asked her friend.

“I’ll do that after our meal; at least you are also in yours.”

Jane strode towards the Dining area with Sapphire in tow. Before long, Susan arrived with their meals all served.

Sapphire thanked her and the girls started eating. Out of habit, she prayed silently on her meal before eating.

“What does your mother do?” Sapphire asked as they ate.

“My Mum is the Director of Mark and Steel Military Company in this City.”

“Wow.” Sapphire said. “How often do you now have time together?”

Jane frowned. “We used to when I was much younger; that was when she was still finding her way up but now…” The girl shrugged. “She does not even know you are here and might never know.”

“She is that busy?”

“Yeah. Dad’s even worse. I haven’t seen him in like two weeks.”

Sapphire stared at her in surprise. “He works in a far place?” She asked wondering if he was always on transit.

Jane hissed. “I wished he were. He sleeps in this house every night but we don’t see a lot. Mum does well to check on me when she gets back from work. Dad doesn’t.”

Sapphire shook her head. “Then how do they cope?”

“You mean as husband and wife?”
Sapphire nodded.

“I don’t know. I guess that’s why I am the only child. I wonder how they had me.” Jane said with muffled voice because of the food in her mouth.

“There was a day Susan mentioned that my mum was suspecting that Dad was cheating on her with his secretary. She didn’t even dash an eyelid.”

Sapphire stared at Jane in shock.

She sighed. “Do your parents go to Church?”

Jane frowned. “No! I have never been to one myself.”

Soon they were done with their meal and headed up to Jane’s room.

“Your room is beautiful.” Sapphire commented as soon as they got in.

The room looked girlish especially with the wall’s pink color. Beautiful paper flowers were also attached to it.

“Thank you.” Jane replied as she grabbed a laptop from her study table.

“I didn’t know you have a laptop?” Sapphire sounded surprised.

“Mum got it for my ninth birthday even though she told me Dad objected. He said I was too young to have one. Well who cares. I get to watch movies anytime I want.”

After switching on the laptop and waiting for it to boot, Jane put off her school uniform and with her undergarments alone on her, carried the laptop and laid on the bed.

Sapphire stood watching.

“Are you going to keep standing?” Jane asked in annoyance.

“Well, what are we going to do?” Sapphire asked back.

“Have fun of course. I want to show you something’s.”

Sapphire sighed before moving to lie beside Jane.

“Can you please put off your uniform?” Jane asked point blank.

“And why?” Sapphire asked without dashing an eyelid.

“Common we are indoors.” Jane said with a frown.

Sapphire sighed as she worked to removing her clothes. Something stared inside of her that she wouldn’t like what Jane was up to.

“Let me play a video for you.” Jane said as Sapphire nodded and moved to spread her clothes across the study chair.

Soft moans came from the Laptop and Sapphire frowned.

“What’s that?” she asked as she dropped her uniform on the chair and walked towards Jane. The other girl didn’t answer and Sapphire quickly laid beside her to see for herself.

What she saw made her jaw drop.

“Are those ladies kissing each other?”

“What does it look like?” Jane asked arbitrarily.

Sapphire sighed. She shouldn’t be watching this.

She watched as the ladies removed their clothes.

“What are they doing?”

“You’ll see for yourself. Why are you acting like a kid?”

“Well, we are kids.” Sapphire sighed. What was going on?

Was this the video Jane was talking about when she said she had watched girls loving each other?

As she looked on at the screen feeling guilty, she suddenly felt Jane’s hand between her legs. She went still.

She was still trying to find her words when the girl worked her hand into her panties.

“Jane, what are you…” She couldn’t even complete the question as Jane was now moaning in pleasure.

“Just follow my lead. This is wonderful.”

By the time Sapphire was putting on her uniform and leaving Jane’s room they had done unimaginable things with each other.

She walked out to the living room without waiting for Jane. She just couldn’t put away the guilty feeling that lay heavy on her chest.

“Here is your lunchbox.” Susan called after her.

She turned to collect it.

“Young girls!” Susan said before hissing.

Sapphire heard and realized the older lady knew about what had happened.

She was still trying to place how she might have known so quickly when Jane came down the stairs fully dressed.

“I have told Seth he’ll drop you off.” She said referring to their family driver not noticing Sapphire’s thoughtful feature.

They walked out of the house in silence as the driver brought the car upfront. Sapphire moved to enter the vehicle in distaste.

“Aren’t you going to bid me goodbye?” Jane asked with a smirk.

“Bye.” Sapphire muttered without looking back at her. She just wanted to get home.

Before she could move further, Jane grabbed her from behind and turned her roughly towards her.

“Sapphire, it’s because it’s a first for you. You’ll get used to it. Okay?” She said before pulling her into a suffocating hug.

Sapphire gawked.

Get used to it? She assured herself there would never be a next time.

Soon Jane let her go.

“See you on Monday.” She finally said with a thin smile and entered the vehicle.

“Where are we heading to?” Seth asked with an irritating smile as soon as she entered the vehicle.

She gave him their home address which he filled in the GPS and fell silent.

She closed her eyes as she had a flashback to the things that had happened in Jane’s room.

She just wanted to forget it all. Jane had even acted like she was an expert in such things.

She asked herself why she had let Jane get her involved. A tear escaped her eyes and she cleaned it off quickly.

Her mother would be disappointed if she told her what had happened.

And God?


“What have i done?” She asked in whisper as more tears flowed from her eyes.

“Are you alright?” Seth asked with a smirk on his face.

She frowned as she opened her eyes. What was it about this man that put her on guard?

“Yes. Thank you Sir.” She looked up to see Seth staring at her through the front mirror.

“Is anything the problem Sir?” She asked.

“At least you talk with respect.”
Sapphire lifted her brow in question.

“I know about what happened.” He added having that disgusting smile once again.

Sapphire sighed. How was he aware? Even Susan knew.

She frowned thoughtfully. Was there CCTV’s in that house?

She hissed. Why hadn’t she thought of that?

She recoiled to see the vehicle was already few minutes to their house: Precisely at the last bend to their house.

The vehicle stopped.

What was happening again?

She looked at Seth questionably.

“We are still some houses away from our house.” Their house was down the street and she was too worn out to trek the rest of the way.

He didn’t answer immediately.

She watched as he opened the driver’s door and got out of the vehicle.

Sapphire was becoming suspicious as he opened the door at the other end of the backseat and entered the vehicle.

Immediately Seth entered and banged the door close, for some reason all the doors clicked locked.

She pushed towards the side door and gripped the handle in fear. It didn’t open and that confirmed what she had heard.

“What are you doing?” She screamed out.

“You didn’t scream when it was Jane. You made sounds of pleasure that I can still remember.”

“Were you watching?” She asked with a glare, praying someone would come down the street at that instance.

“That little witch doesn’t know her father installed CCTV’s in the house. He just never checks it out.” He hissed.

And why would Jane’s Dad do that? She sighed. That was even none of her concern. What mattered was how she would escape the man who was now staring at her in a dangerous way.

She watched in distaste as he licked his lips.

Hadn’t the man in “Stolen heart” a movie she watched on Fox TV without her mother’s permission also did that before he raped and killed one of the casts?

She shivered in fear.

Was this man about to rape her?

Her mother had told her enough stories to know she wasn’t safe at that moment.

She was caught unawares when he grabbed her and pulled her towards himself.

“Get your hands off me. Help!” She screamed as she beat his hands with the little strength she had. He eventually stopped struggling with her.

She watched as he struggled to decide what to do with her.

“Jane does it with me. It isn’t painful.” He finally said.

Sapphire stopped.

“Jane?” She asked with a shaky voice.

“Yes.” He nodded thinking he was now getting to her.

“And the girl is quite experienced.” He replied and as he noticed she was still trying to process what he had said, he worked his hands into her cloths.

Sapphire’s head pounded. Who was Jane really?

Seth lifted himself up and moved to pull her under him.

“Get off me.” She screamed. “Are you crazy? This is broad daylight.”

“I do it with her in broad daylight.” He muttered.

“I’m not Jane.” She said in anger. And before she knew it, she stretched her right hand to grab her lunch box.

Seth didn’t see it coming.

She hit it hard against his head.

He screamed.

“God please I know I shouldn’t be violent but please rescue me.” She prayed as she hit him the second time.

“Stop.” He shouted out as he hit his back against the door giving Sapphire room to sit up.

“Open the door.” She shouted.

He cursed under his breath as he brought out the automated car key from his pocket and unlocked the door.

With her hold still on her lunch box, she used her other hand to pull the door handle and the door opened.

She lifted herself and got out of the vehicle quickly.

As soon as her feet touched the ground, she grabbed her backpack and lunchbox and turned to go.

Seth got out of the vehicle. “Let me get you home.” He said using his hand to nurse his now swollen forehead.

“Thanks Seth.” she said and turned to him with a glare.

She straightened her uniform and walked away from the vehicle.

“Will you please not tell Jane? I have to keep my job.” He said as he took a step towards her.

“Like I care! You are all bunch of fornicators.” She shouted at him as she turned to go.

“Then what are you? A hypocrite?” He asked, laughing out in mockery.

Those words struck her heart like arrows.

Tears flowed out of her eyes without control as she hurried down the street in anger and frustration.

She was not angry at Jane or Seth.

She was angry at herself.

Seth was right.

She was a hypocrite.

She hadn’t even struggled with Jane.

“God, I’m sorry.” She whispered silently as she cried all the way home.

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