Megan entered the dining room with her dinner served in a stainless plate. She pulled out a chair from her usual spot and slid into it. Sapphire was already seated at the other end of the table with her own meal in front of her. John had gone for a Men’s meeting in the Church and had not returned home.

As Megan sat, Sapphire who had started eating without waiting for her mother to join her, did not in any way acknowledge her mother’s presence.

Her excuse for eating early was she didn’t want to retire to bed late.

Megan stretched forth her left hand and pulled a mug that had been placed on the table earlier by her daughter close to her side of the table.

With her right hand, she carried a glass jar that she had poured the fruit juice she made during the day and poured enough for herself into the mug without spilling a drop.

She set the Jar back on the table and gave it a light push towards her daughter.

Sapphire still didn’t mutter a word.

Megan frowned but chose to ignore her daughter before closing her eyes to say a silent prayer on her meal and started eating.

As she ate, she stole glances at her daughter who looked like she was miles away. She wondered how rough her day in school must have been for her to be so moody.

“Sapphire!” She called sharply.

The girl jolted back to the present moment looking up at her mother in shock.

“Why are you so lost in thought?” She asked.

Without replying, Sapphire shifted in her chair, pulled the glass jar nearer, poured part of the juice into her cup, picked up the cup, drank all the juice and finally dropped the cup back on the table.

Megan gaped at her daughter’s act. When had Sapphire turned her to an On Air personality?

Sapphire gulped.

Megan frowned.

“I’m sorry.” She knew she was already getting on her mother’s nerves. “A lot happened in school today.” She said looking back at the food in front of her.

A lot? Megan couldn’t even tell if it was something good or the other way round. “Okay.” She decided she was going to let the girl speak on her own.

She waited.

“I talked to some students in my class today.” Sapphire added rewarding her patience.

“Wow. That’s a good thing.” She smiled.

But why wasn’t her daughter excited ? She had to find out.

“So?” The girl had to keep talking.

“Mrs Smith saw us gathered and came to check us out. She then told me to talk to people one on one.” She finally looked up at her mother.

Oh No! “You gathered students together?” No doubt Megan was shocked.

“No Ma. Well, i started with two of my friends and the students just started coming one after the other.” Sapphire explained.

“Oh I see. So did they understand you?” She wondered if the girl had been given a discouraging response.

“I think they did until I talked one on one with Jane. I had just spoken for few minutes when she started laughing at me weirdly.” Sapphire bit her lower lip awkwardly.

“Hmm. Who is Jane?” Megan pressed on softly.

“A new student.” She squeezed her face. “She just joined us today but to everyone’s surprise Mrs Smith changed my seat partner. Jane now sits with me.” She used her spoon to stir her food thoughtfully.

Megan waited in silence and it was no little joy when her daughter continued.

“The girl is so stubborn. She had 1001 reasons why she shouldn’t be in our school.” She hissed.

“Okay. But you can be a good influence to her. Who knows if that was why she was made your seat partner ?”

The 10 year old lightened up a bit. “You mean Mrs Smith expects me to talk to her?”

“Could be.” She encouraged with a broad smile.

“Hmm. It’s alright.” Sapphire replied once again lost in thought.

“God will give you the wisdom.” Megan prayed.

“Amen.” The girl replied thoughtfully, affirming within herself that she indeed needed wisdom.

Tuesday morning found Sapphire and Jane sitting together in the school bus.

“Hi Jane.” Sapphire had greeted Jane as soon as the other girl entered the bus, hoping to strike up a friendly Conversation.

“Hi Jesus girl.” Jane called out loudly from where she stood beside the line Sapphire sat, having difficulty deciding whether to sit beside her or not.

Sapphire smiled, flashing her well set teeth to pass the message that she didn’t mind.

“Way to go. ” Jane said loudly taking the seat beside her hurriedly.

“Do you look forward to school work?” Sapphire asked warmly.

“Well, Mum warned me to stay out of trouble so I am going to try to do so.” Jane replied with a straight face.

“At least for once let me be a good girl everyone admires and wants to be friends with. No one will love to be a friend to a troublemaker.” She added.

“Hmm, you are right. I for one wouldn’t want to be seen with a girl like that.” Sapphire stopped for a second, realising her words could pass the wrong message.

“Sorry I said that.” She shouldn’t have said that. She gave herself a mock up slap on her cheek.

Jane laughed loudly. “No problem. So friends?” She put out her hand for a shake.

“Of course.” Sapphire replied taking her hand in hers.

“As long as you don’t bore me with talks about the judgement day.” Jane added with a serious face.

“Jane, I won’t promise that.”

“You really believe all those stuff ?” Jane was now staring at her like she had developed horns.

“Yes, I do.”

“It’s okay.” She replied.

The bus stopped in front of the school at that juncture and the new friends found their way out of the bus into the school.

All through that day, Mrs Smith couldn’t help but notice that the girls had become so close. Jane didn’t cause trouble as the teacher had feared she would.

As the bell rang to signify the end of the day, Mrs Smith watched as her students hurried out of the class. Sapphire and Jane were among the last set of students to leave the class.

“Girls, come over here.” She called with a smile.

“What have you two been up to?” The girls trotted over to her table.

Sapphire was concerned. “We didn’t disturb the class, did we?”

“Not at all. It’s just that I’m wondering what’s up.”

“Well, we are friends. Isn’t that what you wanted MA? For her to tell me of the judgement day?” Jane blurted out.

“Jane.” Sapphire gasped. “I’m sorry Ma.” She apologised to the older woman quickly.

“It’s okay Sapphire.” Mrs Smith smiled in understanding.

“Jane, I just want her to be a positive influence to you.”

“Well, she’s doing that well. I’m staying out of trouble.” The girl rolled her eyes.

Mrs Smith sighed; “That’s good. Jane, could you please wait outside for some minutes?”

“No problem Mrs Smith.” She carried her lunch box and walked out.

The teacher watched her go before she turned her attention to Sapphire.

“How is she doing?”

“Well, she can be stubborn a bit. And she talks a lot too.” Sapphire smiled.

“I see. Inasmuch as I want you to be an influence to her. I want you to also be careful.”

“Alright Ma.”

“If you feel you can’t sit with her any longer, I can make her sit alone at the back.” Mrs Smith said bluntly.

Sapphire’s eyes widened in surprise. “Oh. No worries Ma.”

“Alright. Say Hi to your mother for me.” She patted the girl’s shoulder dismissing her.

“Bye Ma.” Sapphire bowed before leaving the room.

“So what did she talk to you about? ” Jane asked as soon as Sapphire met her outside the school building.

“Just some words of advice. Mrs Smith does that a lot.” Sapphire still had her teacher’s words on her mind.

“I see. But she hasn’t done that to me.” Jane argued.

“She will one day.” Sapphire patted her on her shoulder.

“If you say so.” Jane shrugged as they made the rest of their trip to the school bus in silent.

They had in no time sat down when the School Prefect Boy entered the bus and sat down.

Jane turned to her friend excitedly. “That reminds me. Sapphire, you have not introduced me to your boyfriend yet.”

Sapphire looked at her questionably. Boyfriend? Still she replied; “I have many friends who are boys and You’ve met them already.”

Jane laughed loudly; “Girl, you are funny.”

Sapphire stared at her innocently.

“Don’t tell me you don’t have a boyfriend?” Jane gaped at her “You are going to get married and have babies one day.”

Sapphire frowned. What does she have to do with Babies? Even her mother still called her a baby. She had heard enough. “At least I’m not getting married now. What do boyfriends and girlfriends do together by the way?” She asked.

“A lot Sapphire. You have someone to talk to.” Jane said dreamily.

“If it’s that, I can talk to you or my Mum.” the other girl said conclusively.

“No. It isn’t the same, girl.” Jane hissed. She continued; “Well it isn’t necessary it’s boys you like. I have watched videos of girls liking each other and in that you don’t have to be afraid of getting pregnant.”

“Oh! I see.” Shocked was an understatement of how Sapphire she felt. She wondered how much her friend knew and hoped she could just drop the subject.

She was not convenient having the conversation at all. It just didn’t feel right to her.

She sighed as Jane continued; “I could teach you something’s. My Cousin taught me some little things girls can do together. Though she told me my parents must not know.”

Sapphire frowned; “It must be bad then.”

“No, I feel good. It’s just you know, parents don’t want you to enjoy life so early.” She shrugged.

“I see.” Sapphire nodded.

“So you just have to decide if it’s a boy you want or a girl.” Sapphire stared at her thoughtfully before saying; “Okay.”

“It isn’t okay at all. Don’t listen to her.” A voice whispered to Sapphire as she agreed within herself.

“It really doesn’t feel right.” she muttered under her breath.

“You are beautiful by the way.” Jane commented again.

Gush! If Jane should really continue with those type of conversation, she might be forced to lose it.

“Jane Jane, Thank you.” She chuckled.

Jane smiled back and both girls were soon lost in their own world.

Noises caused by the other students prevailed over the quietness of the girls as Sapphire stared outside the school bus.

She looked at Jane few minutes later to see her reading a magazine. She relaxed against her seat and closed her eyes.

“I hate all these talks from within me. Why do I feel like I should have nothing to do with Jane again?”

“Maybe I will take Mrs Smith’s counsel. I will also ask Mum about what Jane said.” She concluded within herself.

The bus soon stopped at the junction to their house. Sapphire waved goodbye to Jane and started a slow walk to their house.

Jane’s words played over in her mind as she walked home.

As she neared their residence, the open window blinds revealed her mother was home. In few minutes she was standing in front of the door. She knocked and waited for her mother to open up for her.

“Welcome dear.” Megan greeted but she noticed her daughter didn’t look happy.

She groaned. What was it about Sapphire and bad days in school?

“Good afternoon Ma.” Sapphire muttered closing the door behind her.

“How was school today?” Megan really wanted to know.

“Fine… It’s just… Never mind.” She moved to go to her room.

Megan took some steps to follow her and decided against it; “Sapphire come back here.”

The girl stopped and walked back to where her mother stood.

Megan’s smile turned tender as she put out her hand and stroked her hair; “What is it?”

Sapphire sighed; “Well, Jane said something about you not wanting me to enjoy life early.”

She raised her hand out. “I am not following.” What was her daughter talking about?

“Not you. I mean parents generally.” Sapphire explained biting her lower lip awkwardly.

Megan sighed. “Let’s sit down first.” She pulled her daughter after her and together they sat on the settee.

“Can you tell me what led to that conclusion?” Megan asked.

“She was saying things about boyfriends; that we’ll get married and have babies one day.” Sapphire whispered, watching her mother’s face to gauge her reaction.

“Oh! Is that all?” She asked her daughter.

“I guess that’s all and she was looking at me funny like…” Sapphire paused.

“Like what?” She raised her eyes questionably.

“Like she liked me.”

“Of course she’s supposed to like you. Isn’t she your friend?” Meghan asked with furrowed brow.

“No. It felt wrong.” Sapphire shook her head in protest.

Ask her if there is more?

“Is there more to talk about?” Meghan asked patiently.

Sapphire frowned as Jane’s words came rushing back. “No. It isn’t the same, girl.”

“Well it isn’t necessary it’s boys you like. I have watched videos of girls liking each other and in that you don’t have to be afraid of getting pregnant.”

“I could teach you somethings. My Cousin taught me something girls can do together though she told me my parents must not know.”

“No, I feel good. It’s just you know, parents don’t want you to enjoy life so early.”

Sapphire sighed. “Well, she just wants me to decide if it’s a boy or a girl I want.”

What? Megan had heard enough.

“Sapphire! Listen to me carefully.”

The girl shifted uncomfortably under her mother’s sharp gaze.

“You need to be careful of this girl. What is her name again?”

“Jane. You are not going to tell Mrs Smith right?”

“No.” But is that what her daughter was worried about ?

Sapphire sat up a bit and crossed her legs.

“Well, not yet; but I may be forced to, if I learn this type of discussion persists between you two.”

“Okay Ma.” Sapphire looked up at her mother’s face, wiggling her fingers as she did.

“Daughter, first of all I need you to know with the whole of your being that all that Jane discussed with you as you just recounted to me now is a Lie from the pit of hell.” Megan was not going to mince words at all.

“Alright Mum.”

“God hates the people who involve in such dirty things and I’m sure you wouldn’t want him to hate you. Right?”

“No Ma.” Sapphire replied.

“Good! So anytime Jane talks about things like this, just tell her you are not interested.”

“It might not be easy but I want you to forget that you had that discussion with her today.”

Sapphire dashed her eyelids furiously at that moment.

“Yes! Don’t even bother to ruminate on it. Do you get me?”

“Yes Mum.” Sapphire nodded.

“You know what? Get your Bible and let’s see what God has to say about these things Jane talked about.”

“Alright Ma.” Sapphire said as she stood up and walked quickly to her room.

Megan stood up briefly to also pick up hers from where it was on the centre table.

She flipped through the pages as she searched for Bible Verses she could use to buttress her points.

“Father, help me to tell her in a way she will understand.”

“This girl is growing so fast Lord.
Keep her from the part of destruction.” Megan prayed silently.

Sapphire walked in at that moment but Megan did not notice.

“Mum! Are you alright?”

“Yes dear.” She replied with a thin smile.

“Have your seat.” Megan said.

Sapphire used her feet to push her lunch box which she had earlier dropped on the floor out of her path before sitting beside her mother.

“You are going to open your Bible but I will read from The Amplified Version on my phone.” Her mother said as she picked up her phone from the centre table.

“Let’s check 1 Corinthians 6:18-19” Megan said.

Megan read “Run away from sexual immorality [in any form, whether thought or behavior, whether visual or written]. Every other sin that a man commits is outside the body, but the one who is sexually immoral sins against his own body.”

“Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who is within you, whom you have [received as a gift] from God, and that you are not your own [property]?”

She needed to explain. “Sapphire, this boyfriend stuff that Jane is talking about has no name but Fornication. Which is called sexual immorality here. Check your Bible what is the first sentence?”

“Flee Fornication.” Sapphire replied.

“Good. Sapphire, you can now see for yourself that it is a Sin.” Megan said.

“Did Jane ask you if you were not going to get married later on in life?” She asked her daughter.

Sapphire smiled with a questioning look. “How did you know?”

“That’s one of the many excuses people offer to why they go into ungodly relationships.” Megan said with a smirk on her face.

“Oh!” Her daughter marvelled.

“Yeah! Come to think of it. Why would you involve in a relationship when you are not ready to get married?”

“Even young adults that get involved in it and it’s not that they are in courtship are committing fornication.”

Sapphire shook her head thoughtfully.

Megan had not even finished. “Sapphire, when I and your Dad started courting, it was solely with marriage as a motive and trust me, we were always reporting to our pastors and Counsellors.”

“All these things Jane spoke to you about, I’m sure her parents must not even know about it.” There was definitely no sane person who would want his child to be involved in such things.

Sapphire nodded in agreement.

Megan continued; “Apart from that, God hates it.”

“And for Christ’s sake, how did a girl so young as Jane get exposed like that? What is this world becoming to Lord?” She clutched her head for few seconds as if it ached her.

“Maybe someone told her too.” Sapphire chipped in.

“Sapphire just know this. The Holy Spirit dwells in your body. He hates it when you do and think about dirty things.”

“Sweetheart, because you love God, you don’t need to have anything to do with those boys.” She said quietly.

“Jane is the one trying to tell you about boys now. A time will come when those boys themselves will want to be your friend and try to act friendly. Sapphire, you need to be wise.” Her mother pleaded.

“You need to be wise.” She said again as Sapphire looked at her intently.

“Let’s read Galatians 5:19 also.” She added.

Sapphire was now determined to do what was right as she opened her Bible in a special way. The Leaves of the Bible made flapping sounds as she opened in haste.

“I read;” Megan started, “Now the practices of the sinful nature are clearly evident: they are sexual immorality, impurity, sensuality (total irresponsibility, lack of self-control), idolatry, sorcery, hostility, strife, jealousy, fits of anger, disputes, dissensions, factions [that promote heresies], envy, drunkenness, riotous behavior, and other things like these. I warn you beforehand, just as I did previously, that those who practice such things will not inherit the kingdom of God.”

“Sapphire, did you see the word fornication?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“What did the Bible say will happen to such people?” Did the girl understand what she was reading at all?

Sapphire didn’t answer immediately as she looked through the verses briefly before talking. “They won’t Inherit the kingdom of God.”

Meghan smiled proudly.

“Mummy, I don’t wanna go to hell.” Sapphire said soberly.

“Then you must flee anything ungodly like fornication. Do you understand me?”

” Yes Ma’am.” She replied with understanding.

“Sapphire, before we pray together let me show you something in Romans 1:32.”

“I want you to listen carefully to this. It says knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.”

“Oh!” Sapphire exclaimed.

“Note this: It say it’s not only those that do it but even those who like and support those that do them.” She explained.

“You don’t need to be envious of those boys and girls or ever imagine that you were like people like that. ” She added.

“Mum, I won’t do that. I love being born again.” Her daughter replied firmly.

“Great!” Megan smiled. “So avoid unnecessary talks about boys or boyfriend. It can be defiling and will make you unclean.”

“I felt that way today.” Sapphire agreed.

“That’s just it. When your Spirit man isn’t comfortable with something, you should know it isn’t right for you. That’s one of the ways the Holy Spirit speaks to us.” Her mother explained.

“Alright Ma. Mum, I don’t want to disappoint God.” Sapphire said soberly.

“You won’t by his grace.” Megan said as she placed both Her Bible and her phone on the table in front of them.

“Let us pray.” Megan began as the Telephone bleeped at that moment.

“Let me get that.” She stood up and walked towards the Dining table where the phone was placed.

“That’s the first time someone will be calling us on that this year. I wonder who that is.” Sapphire thought aloud.

“The more reason I need to pick this.” Megan replied with a smile before picking up the receiver.

“Good Afternoon, this is The Anderson’s Residence.” Megan greeted.

“Good day Ma. Glad I’m on to the right home.” A childish voice responded from the other end.

Was that a kid? Megan frowned.

“Well, great.” She replied carefully thinking through on who it might be.

“Can I speak to Sapphire?” the person asked.

“Just like that?” She whispered to herself with a smirk on her face before saying; “You may have to let me know who is on the line first.”

“Oh! This is Jane.”

Jane? Is it who I think it is? She looked towards her daughter.

“What is it?” Sapphire mouthed.

“I’m Sapphire’s friend.” The girl added jolting Megan back to the present.

“Awesome. And how did you get our number?” Did she to get parents pull strings for her at the school? She needed to know.

“That! I checked the GA White pages Phone Book online.”

“Okay.” Megan fell silent after that, wondering what the girl would say next.

“Can I speak to Sapphire?” Megan raised her brow in question. Well, the girl would have to deal with her today.

“You know what! You might want to talk to me. I will deliver your message.” Megan said.

“Alright. Is that a good idea?” Jane asked.

“Trust me. My baby wouldn’t mind.” She replied.

The girl grunted a bit before talking on. For few minutes, Megan listened to the girl talk. Whatever Jane said had Megan rolling her eyes in disgust and tapping her left foot absentmindedly.

“Will you allow her?” Jane asked after she was done talking.

Megan sighed. “Well, you will know that in school tomorrow.”

“Alright. Bye.” The girl said coldly.

“Greet your parents for me. Sweetie.”

“Maybe I will leave a message for them.” Jane replied.

“I would be asleep before they arrive anyway. And when I wake up, they are gone.” She added.

“Oh! Bye Jane.” Megan said and the girl ended the call without replying.

“Jane?” Sapphire asked as soon as her mother dropped the receiver.

Megan smiled thoughtfully as she walked back to where Sapphire sat.

“What did she say?” Sapphire asked again.

“I don’t think I like what she told me. She didn’t sound like a respectful girl on phone too.” Megan frowned.

“That’s Jane for you. Well, what will she know in school tomorrow?” She persisted.

Megan sat back thoughtfully as Sapphire stared at her impatiently.


“We’ll talk about it over dinner alright?”

Sapphire frowned.

“Trust me, I will tell you and your Dad what she said.”

Sapphire sighed; “Alright.”

“We were about praying. Let’s do that please.” Megan said as Sapphire closed her eyes in response.

“Sapphire, I want you to pray for yourself that the Lord will help you.” Megan started as Sapphire prayed along silently.

“Pray that you will not do contrary to the will and plan of God in Jesus name.”

“Pray that the Lord will help you to flee every form of immorality in Jesus name.”

“You will not give room for defilement.”

“In Jesus name we have prayed.”

“Amen.” Sapphire replied and Megan rounded up the prayer.

“Thanks Mum.” Sapphire said as she carried her lunch box and stood up.

“Mum, you’re telling me what Jane told you during dinner.” She added.

“Of course.” Megan smiled as she watched her girl walk out of the sitting room.

“Lord, what should I do?” Meghan thought back to her discussion with Jane.

“I want to tell her to come over to my place after school tomorrow. We could talk and I could show her something’s. She could also talk to me about Jesus, If she wish.” Jane had said.

Meghan sighed. What are the things Jane had planned to show her daughter? Truth be told, she will do her best to make sure her daughter had nothing to do with the girl again.

She stopped for some seconds as she remembered Jane’s reply when she had told her to extend her greetings to her parents.

The girl could be having a lonely childhood. Her parents must be so busy that they have no idea their daughter had been exposed to so much.

Who does the girl stay with at home? Perhaps they have people to assist them around the house or probably some relatives influenced the girl.

Absentmindedly, Megan pushed herself more into the chair and slung her feet over the arm.

Inasmuch as she wanted good for Jane, she would never want to risk the safety of her daughter.

“Lord, teach me what to do.” She prayed as she planted her feet on the floor swiftly and went to the kitchen with plans to work on dinner.

She would discuss things with her husband upon his arrival most preferably in Sapphire’s absence. She hoped he would see things the way she did.

To her understanding, Sapphire should have had nothing to do with Jane in the first place.

Watch out for Sapphire VI.

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