I entered the room joyfully as the Service that evening was great.

I stopped as the intro of a song played from my roommate’s phone.

The song felt so familiar to my ears and brain. Like one i had sang and listened to over and over again.

As i listened, my brain did a fast flashback to four to five years ago;

And Click! I found it.

Simultaneously my “Korean tongue” came into action and i sang on a bit with the music before stopping to do a rethink.

“Where did that song come from?”

“It’s been so long but my tongue and mind flowed so well with the song.” I thought.

The thing is this; i used to have a very “good” follow-up on the Korean Entertainment world, but when my Alliance changed i lost interest and most of those things i knew by heart then (their language; lyrics of their songs; profile of their Celebrities e.t.c); i realised they were becoming fuzzy in my mind as days go by.

But this? How did it come out?

It was because i knew it somewhere.

Most especially I was inquisitive to find out what it was.

My brain found it even though in my “brain files” it was tucked far away.

I found it because I TRIED TO.

Upon doing a quick analysis. I actually got an interpretation.

Things as this happen in some believers life and it’s usually so serious.

Perhaps as a sinner AK was a terrible drunkard. He meets Christ and his old life is tucked and pushed aside.

But one day, he goes out and MEETS his former drunkard friends.

One of them brings discussion about the latest drink in town.

“What are the additional ingredients in that one that is different from the ones in drink J ?” Inquisitive AK asks.

“Have you forgotten the taste of J ?” They ask him.

And unfortunately to help him compare well they make him drink both and find out himself.

Unprepared, he is caught up in his old life.

And perhaps for “Jake” he sincerely doesn’t have anything to do with his past life but unfortunately he still finds himself sliding back into his old life as days go by and it’s making him wonder if his Salvation is real?

Yes; he is saved but he probably hasn’t experienced the second touch.

But how then do one overcome situations as this?

As long as you are sure you have surrendered your life to Christ, pray for a Sanctified and cleansed heart. Let God work in your heart: removing the root of sin in you.

Read and Study the word of God daily. It helps you to become stronger in the inner man and be a guide to you daily.

Fill your heart with the things of the Lord. You’ll always be drawn towards where your heart is.

Be interested in the things of the Lord. If naturally, you are this inquisitive type of person, channel that trait towards Godliness and it will go a long way to help you.

Most importantly, don’t go looking for the life you’ve thrown away.

Don’t go packing the rubbishes you’ve disposed.

If you don’t search for it, you will not be caught up in it.

…..Let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us,… (Hebrews 12:1)

Put everything you used to deal with before far away from you.

As long as you can control it; have nothing to do with your past life.
With you watching and praying, issues of rising and falling will be reduced.

Check it. It is usually almost one particular sin some people do find themselves falling in.

You hear statements like “I have done it again oo?” Which is because they accepted the opportunity to sin.

You used to be a drug addict; have nothing to do with anything related to it again..

You are still a young convert and you used to be a Slave to fornication, don’t be the one that you will be saying you want to evangelise to prostitutes.

Do you think the spirits that used to be in charge of you then will just let you go like that without trying again? And when there is no backbone, such may fall.

Believer’s who have known the Lord in a long time; Let he that thinketh he stands, take heed lest he fall.

Don’t go searching for the poisons you’ve thrown away.

Don’t turn around to the things you have left behind.

The Lord will keep us and give us the grace to remain spotless till he comes.


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