We were on our way out of Babylon.

To the City of the Great King we were going.

I use “we” as we are not few.

Not two, not three but more than a thousand in number.

Maybe I might not have been in the group but I just couldn’t miss not seeing the great things happening in Jerusalem.

Captain E as we called him was the one leading us. I looked around as I remembered something.

Captain had forgotten some set of people.. We were going all the way to Jerusalem without Soldiers.

I couldn’t believe it.

We are well aware that our enemies were much.

“This is suicidal.” I thought as I noticed the group had stopped moving. I looked around. We were at the River that runs to Ahava.

“We are stopping here for sometime, make tents. ” Captain’s voice boomed through the multitude.
I heaved a sigh of relief. I had been waiting for him to say that.

“Son, make me a drink. I thirst.” My father’s voice ordered as I hurried to do as he bid. Even i wouldn’t mind a chilled drink if I had my way.

We remained there for 3 days as Captain E made a survey of everyone going with him.

“Ariel.. The Captain calls for you. ” I heard Nathan shout out to my friend as they both ran to Captain’s tent. I noticed Eliezer run towards the tent too.

“Father, what is happening? ” I asked confused.

“Captain discovered some set of people are not here and sending some men back to Babylon to inform our people.” Father explained.

“Finally, Captain has noticed there are no Soldiers. We’ll be safe all the way to Jerusalem then. ” I thought satisfied.

Ariel came out of the Tent as they set off almost immediately. I ran towards him.

“Ariel. To whom are you sent? ” I asked.

“To Iddo, the Chief at Casiphia?”

“Wait.. Are you joking? What concerns Iddo with Soldiers? ” I asked surprised.

“Soldiers? We are going for the Priests C’mon. We need Ministers for the house of God.”

“Oh my God! Well, I didn’t notice the Priests didn’t come with us. But what about Soldiers? We are all aware of how things are.”

“Well, I heard my father discuss with some elders that Captain has told the king that Jehovah is able to watch over us.”

“Oh! Well Yes, We know that. But what has that got to do with asking the King for Soldiers.”

“Captain says he is ashamed to do that oo. The King may definitely bring what he said up.”

“Ha!! It’s alright. Yes Jehovah is our protector but hmm… Wisdom?”

“Let Captain does as he sees right. We are going for the priests.” Ariel said as he ran off with the group.

“How could Captain risk our lives just because of what he had said.”
I thought disturbed.

It wasn’t long before the group arrived with the priests and some Nethinims as asked by Captain.

“Hmm.. No soldier!” I said as I watched them arrived.

I watched Captain smile and shake his head in approval as the men arrived.

“Gather up Men.” he ordered as I walked towards where he sat with disinterest. I pulled my Clothes well over my shoulders as he began.

“Some people might have noticed there are no soldiers around. The reason is because we trust God to protect us. I told the King that too and he’s definitely waiting for some testimonies. The thing is we are going to spend some days to wait on God.” Some didn’t even act like they agreed or disagreed while some shook their heads in approval including my Father.

The fast commenced with us praying for God’s protection.

I concluded that we have no hope but to trust in Yahweh.

I prayed.. Telling Yahweh to keep us. As I had heard stories of how the enemies stood against Zerubbabel and his team.. Yes! Jehovah fought for them.

On the twelfth day of the first month, we left the River by Ahava and continued to Jerusalem.

As we went Captain was calm.

My father was also not in any way disturbed too. Everyone else did things normally like they didn’t care about the enemies that we knew were waiting.

“Looks like I’m the only one disturbed.” I said as I decided to trust God totally too.

The times we met enemies on the way, God sort them out for us.

Those that were going to lay in wait for us, Yahweh cleared for us.

Some places we got to and the enemies had ran off..

Indeed only Yahweh could do that.

We arrived Jerusalem in few days and it was almost hard for me to believe that without no soldier we arrived safe.

We rested for about three days..

And on the fourth day, we moved to arrange the treasures of the house of God..

As we arrived the front of the Temple, and we set to work . Captain said “How many of you had feared what would happen because we were coming without the soldiers?” I bowed my head.

“Some were afraid for their lives and some were scared of us being robbed of some of those things we packed along to beautify his temple. However, Yahweh has protected us.. By himself, he did it.
The enemies were there yes but he brought us through. They that trust in the Lord shall never be disappointed. Yahweh.. He is The True Protector. He is God.” Captain E said raising his hands to heaven in worship.
” Yahweh, he is God.” Everyone including myself replied as we worshiped him.

How many times have you been tempted to depend on humans for your safety? Well God never disappoints those who trust in him.

Yes… He is well able to deliver his own.

Depend not on your strength or carefulness.

Please how will you handle those enemies you can’t see if you depend on human Help.

Depend solely on Yahweh!

Depend on Jehovah!

He is God.

Fiction Written based on the Story in Ezra Chapter 8.

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