“Monica, won’t you be fast? We’re late for class already and you’re still sitting comfortably there making up.” I said in frustration to my departmental mate who stayed in my hostel as she sat at a table with a mirror positioned in front of her.

“I’m almost ready. You know I can’t do without makeup plus today is my birthday. One does not celebrate birthday twice in a year.” She said as she applied blush to her cheek.

“Its alright? If only you took care of the real you like that; your life will be so much better.” I said thoughtfully.

“What do you mean?” she asked looking up, confusion written on her face.

“Monica, how will it look to you if someone wears a new beautiful gown; but you realize the individual hasn’t bath for fifteen days and she is smelling? How do you feel about that?”

“Eww!! That’s bad. What’s now the essence of the new cloth? Its all for nought .” She replied.

“Hmm!! Honestly to me that’s what you’re doing. You are carrying a beautiful body; but your behaviors and actions are just the reverse.. Don’t you know that body of yours is just like a borrowed dress that you’ll return later? The real you is not this body but the you inside. This body ate this morning but the real you is probably dying of hunger already. Its your body people might say is beautiful but the real you inside is maybe ugly, weak, dying that is if not dead already. The real you might even look like it has kwashiorkor; with a wobbled image, bulging eyes and saliva coming from its mouth. The real you is so open to attack from the enemy “the devil.” Monica, you don’t even care about the real you inside. I’m talking like this because to some extent I know you. All you are always saying is “I need to get that latest gown; I need to attend that party; my birthday is gonna be a blast but… the real you is maybe so poor, wretched and has nothing. It probably has no strength sustaining it because you wouldn’t even supply it food which is the word of God. You..”

“Wait, Dorcas. I don’t get. Are you saying that is what is happening to me now? That description is so horrible. And by the way what is this real you you’re talking about?” She asked with a mixture of anger and confusion.

“Your Spirit, that is the real you. This body is going to die one day and return to the dust like a borrowed cloth is returned. Then the real you will be left to face its fate. Monica, have you ever wondered why after doing all you want you still feel empty, and sad? Or it does not happen to you?”

“It does. Because sometimes I feel I’ll be happy and satisfied but I feel empty.” She said.

“The real you wants help. You just think the things of this world will make you satisfied but no, it makes you even feel worse.”

“Oh! I wish that emptiness can go away. And that my real me be happy.”

“You can be strengthened in the spirit but only through Christ. You have to let him clean and heal the real you within. Let him make you shiny and beautiful. Monica, you won’t even be needing some of those things any longer because the beautiful you inside will affect your outside appearance.”

“How do I do it?”

“Say this prayer after me… I understand that all attempts to satisfy myself without you in it is vanity.Lord Jesus, this is me asking that you save me. This is me saying make my life better. I give my heart to you Lord. Be my supreme Lord and Savior. Make my life beautiful, better than I can ever imagine. For in Jesus name I have prayed. ”

“Amen.” She said as we finished praying.

“Thank you. You know what? Is it my imagination or what? I feel joyful and strengthened within.”

“Definitely, the real you is now strong and alive.”

“The Spirit wageth war against the flesh and the flesh against the spirit. So let the real you win the battle by you feeding on the word daily and living by it.”

“Alright.. God bless you Dorcas..”

“Amen. God bless you too. Let’s be on our way.” I said as we left for Class.

Its good to look all beautiful, and attractive but how about within?

Some people will still say God only looks at the heart. I guess they haven’t read that “Out of the heart comes the issues of life” What happened to “Has a man thinketh in his heart so he is?” What about “Out of the Abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh?”

Do you want to hear the truth?

Your physical attitude and behavior is a reflection of who you are within.

So if your words are defiling, how defiling you must be within?

If God should just open some people’s eyes to see the frightening and terrible condition of their Spirit man; their lives will be changed by force.


If you see the way the devil is just waiting for one opening to cut your neck like a chicken been reared for slaughter you will understand that the devil is “blessing” you to blindfold you.

Oh that you will see yourself; yes you that you are on the edge of falling.

Falling into eternal perdition.

Falling into Eternal Damnation.


Your legs might slip anytime.

Move away from that edge.

Come to the safe side of Jesus.

Let him save you.

See, that deceiver and terrible liar, the devil will tell you not to bother; that you are OK ; that where you are is the best for you. Its a terrible Lie.
You can be better. But only Jesus can save you.

He is telling you “You’re the worst person on earth. Don’t you see how your Parents even hate you. You can’t be better. So just continue living your life as you are living it?” That’s one of his Uncountable Lies..

Don’t believe him.. Jesus will re-modify you and make you so beautiful.

A Blessing to Nations.

See Jesus saying he Loves you..

See him telling you to come.

I think someone needs that now.

I pray for someone out there that God will open your eyes to see his Love for you.

Come and Surrender to him..

Let him make the You in You Unique.

The real you is the you in you…

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