It was just last Saturday.

I arrived The New Management 1000 seater hall. It was my seventh paper and the last for that week but I got there about 45 minutes to the scheduled time. The hall was not empty as there were some students of my Faculty who were also there for the exam inside the hall.

I walked towards a guy and we exchanged pleasantries as I sat down in front of him.

I looked around the hall as I did a recap of the things I had read, mouthing some words silently.

As I did this, I noticed that there was no electricity supply. I didn’t fail to observe some other things in the hall.

Then my eyes caught something of interest.

A moving fan!

“But there is no power supply?” I wondered as I checked to confirm that I was not mistaken.

Indeed there was no sign of electricity. All the other fans were stationery but this one fan was moving at such a high speed that I gazed at it thoughtfully.

Yes… maybe it was the breeze that aided its movement but it was not the only one in that area. At least the breeze could have assisted another fan too.

I continued with my revision when not too long the supervisors arrived and I moved towards the front row.

The scheduled examination soon started and as I wrote my eyes caught the fan at intervals. There was something I felt I needed to learn but I just couldn’t get it.

I finished my paper, submitted my script, picked up my belongings and got out of the hall. As I stepped out thanking God for my exam, the fan came to my mind again and I looked back to see it still moving…

I got out of the hall. But instead of me to leave the hall hastily, I lingered for some reason asking myself what was the big deal with the fan.

As I walked in front of the hall thinking deeply, an interpretation dropped in my heart.

As humans, we all experience setbacks, failures, heartbreaks, disappointments. But there are few among us who choose not to give up and keep moving, not bothered by what is going on.

They are not bothered that their other friends have given up.

They don’t say “We are all experiencing the same thing. We are all living in the same world.”

These set of people choose to connect themselves to a better source of Power. They accept the fact that their natural strength has failed but they seek help for the one with Supernatural Strength.

They are determined; Always on the run; Not Seeking a temporary rest; Not giving up..

I should have shared this some days ago but due to busy schedule I kept procrastinating. However, something I saw today once again reminded me of what I shared above.

As I wrote one of my papers which I concluded about an hour ago, I observed two fans in the same condition. But on closer look, I noticed that their speed was not like the one I saw days ago… To me, these fans were struggling.

Another interpretation dropped.

There are some other set of people who are not giving up but they are struggling.

They are depending on their own strength rather than connecting to a greater Strength; which is the strength and supernatural Power of God.

There will come a time your natural power will fail you but at that moment what will you do?

Will you give up totally?

Will you continue to struggle on with your human strength thereby achieving so little?

Or rather will you connect to the Supernatural power of God that never fails?

One that keeps you going…

Keeps you running and flying…

Accomplishing so much…

Never slowing down…

Always on the track..

Connect to the right source of Power!


  1. Hmmmmmmm… This is a great observation and spiritually backed up with relevant and timely interpretation. May we be completely connected to the only true source which is God himself.

    May we be like Daniel who was desperately looking unto God the giver of all strength not minding how big or powerful the king’s law is. Even though he faced the persecution, but victory and testimony ends it for him. While shame and destruction end it for his enemies. Rules, regulations and laws may want to stop us from moving. But why can’t we just open our hears unto who is greater than the law givers to give us the direction to go and the power to move. For us to be strengthened from the supernatural source to keep going.

    May His Grace alone keep us going… Amen
    #Peculiar_inspiro, you are wonderful!!

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