It was already three days after the retreat!!!

Dolapo looked at her phone and sighed. She hadn’t been in touch with Tola for more than a week and was feeling guilty about it.

“I know I should call her but what am I supposed to tell her if her situation is not any better. I didn’t even have time to call her during the retreat. I don’t even know if she later attended the retreat.” She said to herself as she finally picked her phone to call her.
Tola picked at the first ring.
“Were you waiting for me to call ?” Dolapo asked jokingly.
“Well, something like that. I was just about calling you but you beat me to it.” Tola said making it obvious she was glad to hear her friend’s voice.
“That’s good. I’m sorry i have not called you for sometime.” Dolapo said guiltily.
“It’s alright. I understand you’ve been busy. Anyway, I’ve got news for you.”
“Alright, am listening.”
“Dolapo, God bless you abundantly for telling me about that retreat. Henn!! I’ve seen wonders oo, my sister.” Tola said causing Dolapo to sit upright.
“Really? Tell me something.” Dolapo said inquisitively as she imagined her friend’s face all lit up with smiles.
“Mummy agreed I go to Lagos as I had thought and my Aunt agreed too so I went there. I visited my brother and oh I couldn’t believe it was him. Two weeks in coma had done a great deal to him. Anyway, I attended the retreat with my aunty and it was wow.”
“I’m happy hearing this from you.” Dolapo said thankfully.
“ Don’t worry. You haven’t heard anything yet.” Tola cleared her throat from the other end before she continued. “From the first main message, the Pastor talked about dry bones receiving live. On deeper thought, I saw my brother as a dry bone; my health was not okay, at that point it became a dry bone to me. As the pastor said “they are coming alive”, I believed but of a fact my faith was not too strong. The programme went on powerfully. Those messages I heard made me think about my spiritual life that at a point I forgot about all my problems and just concentrated on matters regarding my Spiritual Life. Dolapo; Oh, I prayed and wept for my Spiritual life like I have never done in my life. I’m not who I used to be oo”
“ Wow, am glad to hear that.” Dolapo replied.
“At one of the messages titled “Tarrying and Travailing at Peniel” , the pastor lead us in a session of serious prayer. And I told God; I told him everything I was going through. The programme was great and brought hope to me; even the hope of Glory. Fast forward to after the retreat, we were just getting to my aunt’s house when the hospital called that my brother woke up.”
“ Halleluyah!!” Dolapo shouted as she changed her posture again.
“ Oh Dolapo, come and see jubilation in my Aunt’s house. I was surprised and so happy. He has been discharged but he’s still with my Aunt’s family for now. Hmm, I got home yesterday and was about taking a nap when Mummy’s shout of “Jesus” made my eyes fly open. She had been called from her place of work to return to work by January. Few minutes after the call, SMS alert came in. All the pay they owed her had been funded.”
“ Oh! Glory!!” said Dolapo happily as she lifted up her hand in worship.
“The one I know you’ve been waiting for is, Dolapo, Cancer has disappeared oo.”
“ Jesus!!” Dolapo screamed in delight as she stood up completely from her bed.
“ The doctors had fixed the surgery for today so I went there trusting that God has taken control because of the recent happenings. The doctors made me do mammography again saying they wanted to know how serious it might have been but hmm, they saw nothing ooo . It wasn’t even small or benign; it had gone completely. They still went to compare the result with the previous one, there was nothing ooo. God really surprised me.”
“ Halleluyah!! Halleluyah!! Halleluyah !! Halleluyah !!” Dolapo sang as Tola joined her from the other end.
“Tola, I’m grateful to God for you. Even I was so blessed at the retreat. We are already feasting my sister; no famine again.” Dolapo said pacing the room.
“That theme has a deeper meaning. One really needs to key into it.”Tola said.
“ Yes, you’re right. I’m happy for you. Tell mummy to send my own share of the money.”Dolapo said laughing.
“Motigbo. I’ll be coming back anytime from the 7th.” Tola replied.
“It’s alright. Just take care of yourself. I’m really happy for you”
“I will be fine. Happy New Year in Advance dear.”
“Same to you. We’ll talk later. Just keep hoping, keep working and keep feasting.” replied Dolapo
“And you too. Bye dear.” said Tola as the call ended.
“Oh Lord, this Last Retreat has brought us marvellous things. Thank you for giving us unforgettable experiences.” She prayed silently as she happily went about with other activities.

Do you feel you don’t really understand this story then you probably didn’t read HOPE AND WAIT , and you definitely didn’t attend that special event.
Anyway , to those who are in the Spirit with me KEEP HOPING, KEEP WORKING , AND KEEP FEASTING.

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