“I can’t continue to watch you been friends with that girl. She is so different from us.” I said to Doris two weeks after we resumed College as we sat at the Cafeteria. We’ve been friends since childhood and had promised to stick with each other but now my friend was now moving with Sandra, one you can call the most popular girl in the school.

“Mary” she started to reply though she looked like she was in a hurry to leave. “Yes, she is different but I can help change her.”

“Really, how?” I asked in unbelief.

“I can invite her for Bible Study and she can assist me academically. We can even invite her to join our discussions and vigil.”

“Are you serious?” I scoffed before I continued, “this girl’s presence alone makes her friends tremble. Be her friend and I bet you if you won’t become another Sandra on Campus. She rides various cars, moves with various guys, and have you thought about you been invited to a party. Please ,what will your excuse be? ” I asked looking at her in surprise.

” It depends on which kind of party it is.” She defended.

“Alright. Please, tell me which kind of party a ‘Jezebel’ would attend?”

“Well….” she started when I saw her smile at an approaching figure, I looked up to see the person in question coming towards us flanked by some girls who looked moderately descent , definitely some other Doris’es .

“Hey sugar-pie.. ” Sandra said to Doris as she sat beside her.

“sugar-pie” When did my friend’s name change to that? I looked at her with disbelief plainly written on my face. She shoved her shoulder back in response.

“Oh, I think I will see you later, Doris. I have to rest in order to prepare for Bible Study. ” I said as I carried my bag to go.

“Wait, let me introduce you guys to each other.” She said.

“Mary, this is Sandra and Sandra this is my childhood friend I told you about.”

“Nice meeting you.” I said as I stretched out my hand towards Sandra. Before I knew what was happening She pulled me into a suffocating hug.. She was smelling of Cigarette.

“We don’t shake, we hug.” she said to my ear.

“Ugh! Alright. I’ll keep that in mind.” I replied as I struggled myself out of her grip. I looked at my friend in pity before turning to go when Sandra said ” Mary gal, hope you will be coming to the party at my flat tonight?”

“Party? I don’t know about any party.” Doris asked looking shocked before I could even ask what was going on.

“Yeah, I just wanted to tell you about it. Of course, you will be coming. I do everything with my friends.” She said to Doris while I was giving her this “i warned you “look as I watch my friend stammer for an answer.

“Alright.” she said to my disbelief.

“Sure, so Mary are you coming? It’s 7pm to dawn. ” Sandra turned to tell me.

“Nope, and as a matter of fact I have a Bible Study to attend and l have readings to do.” I replied blankly. I looked at Doris face again, obviously a lot was going on her mind. I felt sorry for her but there was nothing I could do.

“See you later, Twinne. ” I waved to Doris as I turned to go.

I was losing my friend to this Jezebel so fast.

“Where is thy Brother? In this case, ‘your sister’? “

I heard within me.

“Hmm.. She is with a Jezebel right now. I guess I am my Sister’s Keeper. But I don’t know what to do again. ”

I tried calling Doris to at least try changing her mind but couldn’t reach her until I left for Bible Study. I looked around for my friend in the Church but she was nowhere to be found. I felt worry prick at my heart, my friend was making a terrible mistake.

Preparing to sleep after reading around 12pm. I looked at my phone to see if she had tried calling me back as I had placed several calls to her. She hadn’t call back. I knelt to pray in preparation to sleep when a pressing urge to pray for her stirred in my spirit. I prayed for her protection whereever she was and that she realised what she was doing before it became too late. I lay down to sleep and would not have slept for 30mins when a bang at the door woke me up.

“Mary!!!” that was Doris voice. I hurried to open the door for her and she rushed in.

“Mary, I… “and she started weeping.

I was speechless, all I could do was pat her. She then spilled everything that happened as I listened in shock.

” I was drugged, Mary. I was almost raped by Sandra’s friends. Three of them to be precise. They knew I wouldn’t take Beer or anything Alcoholic so they gave me a fruit juice. But, it was already drugged. I was feeling dizzy suddenly and struggling to stay awake when Sandra asked me what was wrong, I told her I would like to come to the hostel and to my disbelief in minutes it was like everyone else was evacuating the room excitedly . I staggered towards one of those girls you saw in the afternoon and asked her if she knew what was happening. It was then she told me someone had been drugged and the victim might be raped. My eyes flew awake. Realisation dawned on me. I was in trouble. The girl was the one that helped me escape. I ran all the way from Sandra’s place. Mary, you warned me. I am so sorry.” She said as I pulled her close for a hug.

“It’s alright Sis. Thank God he used that Girl for you. I prayed for you also before I slept. ” I said thankfully.

“You did? ” She asked in disbelief.

“Yes, I just felt I should. ”

“Oh!! Thanks to God and Thank you so much. You know what? “She said sitting up.

“What? ”

“That Jezebel knew about the plan right from the beginning and she kept deceiving me. ”

“Yeah… Wait, did you just call her Jezebel? “I asked in Surprise.

“Yeah. Or what Can you call her? “She looked at me daring me to question her judgement.

“I’ll call her that too but it’s just hard to believe that a Jezebel became my friend’s friend for sometime. You know, if it had continued which I know it wouldn’t have actually ; I would have continued to refer to her as “Jezebel: My friend’s friend. “

“Hmm!! What a description.” she replied thoughtfully as I smiled.

Please, who are your friends and Confidants? Who are the people you surround yourself with?

Are they Jonadab’s (people who are your confidants like the subtle one who advised Amnon.), Jezebel’s ( people prone for their wickedness and evil.), Young Vibrant Men and Women like the ones Rehoboam listened to and the ones Dinah went out with for fun..

Choose your acquaintances wisely….

“…… Evil Communication corrupt good manners…. “


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