“Is he the only one in the Church? ”
“What is so special about him sef?”
“What can he do that we cannot do too?”

Those were the words murmured from a corner in the Congregation as soon as the Overseer finished Announcing that Bro Tunde was going to be the one to preach at the next special combine Service since he, the General Overseer was going for a Conference Outside the Country.
Most of the Congregation seemed to accept it with gladness as many people were witness to the fact that God was greatly using the said Brother . Yet, some had this look on their face that said they weren’t in support of what was just announced.
Pastor David looked at the workers with a smile as he continued “He might just be a young and newly appointed Pastor but you all will testify to the fact that God has been using him greatly. I know the Service will be great. So let’s all trust God to take Control. Shall we share the Grace in Unison.” He said as the meeting was rounded up.
Pastor David watched the workers silently as they dispersed. Pas Bode , one of the older branch Pastors was still sitting down with a look on his face that said the announcement didn’t go down well with him.. The Pastor shook his head as he thought “Always struggling to get a role when the role should get him. Always wanting to do what he is not capable of doing. His ministry is lying dormant, but he desires another when it’s not the right time.”
His gaze shifted to Bro Tunde who came towards him, confusion written on his face.
“Sir, about what you announced?” he began slowly, ” do you think I can do it?”
“I don’t think you can.” he replied as Bro Tunde looked at him in shock..
“But…. Why? ”
” I don’t think so, I know so. You asked why I gave you that ? I didn’t , God did. I will say he chooses as he wills.” The Pastor said looking at the young man who seemed not so sure of himself.
“You’ll understand later Bro, let’s go to my office. You should get the Topic I was lead to give you to work upon.”
“Sir, it’s not a prepared outline? “he asked in surprise.
“No, you’re preparing it yourself . Follow me.”
Tunde followed the Pastor silently as they went to his Office , a lot was on his mind.
So many things had happened so fast for the past few months, he was always handed prayers, seminars, and a lot of things to do. He has always been given the opportunity to handle one thing or the other. Yes, God had told him he was an instrument but he didn’t realise how fast things was going until now. God was not wasting time at all..
“Please help me, I can’t do this on my own.. You chose me. Take control Lord.” he prayed silently.
The Pastor’s Secretary stood up to greet them as they entered.
“Pas Bode was here, I think he’ll be back to see you any moment from now.” she said as they moved towards the office.
“Hmm… Alright. Show him in when he comes ” the Pastor replied without looking back. Bro Tunde followed gently behind him.
Sooner had they entered did the door opened and in came Pas Bode. He greeted the Pastor as he looked at Bro Tunde with disgust.
” Oh! Pas Bode, I heard you wanted to see me.” the Pastor said looking at him slightly as if to read his thoughts.
“Sir, I…. ” “Don’t sound too desperate,” he remembered his wife’s advice. She had noticed his face as they got up to leave the Church.
” Tell the Pastor what you think. Just don’t sound too desperate. It’s high time someone spoke up about this issue. This is a good opening…” She had said. He smiled, that woman understood him so well.
“Sir, ” he started again a bit calmer ” I feel something like that should be handled by someone who has had so many experiences on the Pulpit. This is a Combine Service, and you are not even going to be around to monitor things. Why don’t you give it to someone matured , not someone who is just sometimes lucky to do things right.”
“Well, you mean someone like you?” the Pastor asked.
“Yes…. I mean No. Anyone but him will do. ” he replied as Bro Tunde just stared up at his words.
“Oh!! Well, I don’t know what I will say about that. But am quite shocked. Hmmm… ”
Lord, What do I do ? he asked within him.
Give him the topic, let him go and prepare for it.
” Oh!!!” he muttered as he looked at the young and older men in front of him.
” Well, it’s alright. The topic is ” A Divine Encounter that transforms lives.” You can take it. Prepare, pray and plan.” the Pastor said shocking both men.
” Alright Sir, thank you Sir. Take care, Bro Tunde “he said as he rushed out with a smile.
Bro Tunde stared at the Pastor before struggling to say ” I’ll be going Sir.”
As he stood up to go, the Pastor said ” I don’t really know what to tell you but I’ll get back to you.”
” No problem, it’s God’s work. He chooseth as he wills. Who am I to question him? “he said smiling.
” Hmm… You’re right. I will reach you later.”
The next morning found Pas Bode checking through various versions of the Bible, Dictionaries, Concordances and previous messages of the Pastor. By the time he was done, it looked to him like it was perfect but somewhere within he knew something was missing. He explained to his wife and she ever the supporting woman she was told him, it was alright.
Minutes away, in his office, the Pastor sat preparing for his Ministration at the Conference, when he felt lead to tell Bro Tunde to also prepare for the message.
Bro Tunde dropped the call in awe and amazement. Despite the Questions he really wanted to ask, he quickly got to work. By the time he was done, he himself had experienced something new. He knew in his Spirit that God was determined to move in the Service .
” But am not the one preaching.” he said almost dejectedly . Then sat up immediately and said ” God should just move amongst his people , whosoever is doing the preaching does not really matter. ”
” But it might matter to God. ” he said shrugging.
Sunday found everyone trooping into the Church expectedly because the news had spread that Pastor said Bro Tunde will preach. As the Sunday School was going on, Pas Bode’s children were already telling the youths around them that ” actually, Bro Tunde was not ministering again. It’s now their Father. ”
The Service began proper and a note was passed to Bro Tunde from the moderator telling him to come sit on the podium. Pastor’s instruction, it said .
Amidst stares and glares from people around, he gently stood up and moved to the front.
Message time came and the moderator invited Pas Bode to the pulpit. Murmurings were heard as he stepped to the Pulpit.
As soon as he stepped to the front, all his built up confidence seem to melt away. He stammeredly began to lead the congregation in prayer in a bid to build up the confidence again. As he struggled, it only became more and more worse. His wife stared at him from where she sat knowing things were not turning out fine.
“God help me. ” he called out silently.
” I didn’t place you there. You did. You are on your own.” he heard silently.
” But your people? ” he said, almost in tears as he looked at the congregation as they struggled to pray.
“They are always on my mind. ” was the reply. And as if on cue, an usher brought him a note from his wife which said :-
“It’s better you get off that Pulpit now before its too late. Ask Bro Tunde if he was giving the message. Let him handle it. Where you are was never yours to begin with.”
His wife was right.
He signalled quickly to the Moderator and simply said “tell Bro Tunde to come and preach. ”
The moderator stared at him as he asked “what if he isn’t prepared? ”
” His unprepared emergency message is far better than my prepared one. Get him there. ” he replied as if in pain as he left the pulpit to the midst of the Congregation.
Bro Tunde stared at the happening as the Moderator quickly ran over to explain things to him and to tell him take position on the pulpit.
As stepped on the pulpit , a hush fell on the congregation. The people became lively once again and it was a refreshing time in God’s presence.
As the report reached the Pastor that night ,he smiled and said ” God, you are just unpredictable. ”
Few days later, as Pas Bode stood before the Pastor with heads bow down he said ” I am sorry. I was Covetous and determined to have the shoe when the shoe does not fit. I feel like I was replaced.. ”
” Replaced? No! That place was never even yours. ” The Pastor said as he dismissed him.
As he turned to go, the Pastor called out and said “You know what? I feel like am watching the ACT Of KORAH live. Only you experienced a bit of God’s Mercy.”

Ever since then, the people in the Church most especially the youths would describe Pas Bode as “the man who wanted the Recognition so badly that he failed.”

Remember Korah, Dathan and Abiram ; they rebelled and they were swallowed by the earth. The wives and children who could have corrected them, probably didn’t and they suffered for it together.
What influence do you have on the people around you? Do you just watch them do things without correcting them when you know their act of rebellion will definitely take it’s toil on you. Imagine being called the wife or child of that man who caused problem in the Church sometimes ago!! How would one feel?
Never try to put yourself in a position not for you. The shoe will be too big for you to fit in, and failure is usually so drastic.
Avoid people who you have noticed always want to oppose a decision in the Church. Do not provide them support in any way because when God’s wrath takes its toil, you will not be spared… Learn from the 250 men who supported Korah and ended up getting burnt with fire , they definitely would have thought twice before joining the coup.


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