As Bola(not real name) read through the story shared on one of her wattsapp groups, something flashed through her mind. Fear started creeping in, she held the phone tightly like it was a lifeline as she read through the rest of the story .Tears fought it way through as she asked herself ” Could it be? I pray what befell the person in this story has not happened to me. ”

She was around 6 years old. Her Parents owned a shop and employed Jide (not real name), a young man probably in his twenties to be in charge of it while they go to their place of work . In the afternoon after school, Lola would go to the shop to meet her parents before they all go home together in the evening. . On this particular night , Jide had a cause to come back with them probably to collect something from her parents. As the Family entered the living room alongside Jide, there was light out and Bola’s Father went in search of a lantern and match while Bola stayed close to her Uncle Jide as she was afraid of being alone. Suddenly, she felt him pull her behind the sofa. He stopped her from making any sound as she felt his fingers between her thighs. She could only look at him as she didn’t have an understanding of what was happening. Her Father’s presence with a lited lantern jolted Jide back to reality as he pretended to help straighten her school uniform. As she lay to sleep that night she thought about it with her little understanding and had said to herself .
“Uncle Jide will not do anything bad to me. ” That was the last time she remembered seeing him but she never mentioned what happened to her parents.
Bola wept as she thought on the little she could remember.
” I sensed things were not right then but I was too young to understand. What happened to me is somehow related to what happened to the lady in the story I read . She was deflowered by what happened to her .She had to be apologizing and explaining things to her husband a day after her wedding. She didn’t think it counted as to even tell him before marriage. And it backfired. Is that what will happen to me too? “She thought with tears.
Fear, Tears!!
She could at least talk to the one person who knew all about what happened then even when she herself was ignorant. Her Best friend.
” God, “she started in tears” I am scared of what has happened to me that I don’t even know about. I am scared I will end up like this lady. I am not even sure of how long it happened but please did something happen to me that night? ” She wished she could get an answer to know if she was affected by what happened to her. She wished she could probably have a dream showing her what happened that night so her fear would either escalate or fade away.
” Do you remember how I saved you from that naughty boy in your primary school? ” She could hear that voice she had grown accustomed to ask her.
“Yes, I remember. I will always remember you saved me that day. I would have been raped that day. “She replied in tears.
“If I watched over you at that age, do you think I would let anything happen to you when you were much more vulnerable to evil?”He asked again.
“No ”
” Remember, your Father came back at a particular time, if he came few minutes late something could have happened to you. So if your earthly Father was not there, I was. ” He explained as he lead her to read. Psalm 41:2, Psalm 121:7 and many more verses.
She became comforted as she decided within herself ” even if nothing happened, I will still tell whosoever I am to be married to, to avoid stories that touch the heart. And nothing of such will befall my daughter(s).”

“Hey, thanks for spoiling my mood a bit but let me announce to you that you’ve failed in your attempt to make me carry unnecessary burden for some years. And fear, begone. ” She said at the devil angrily as she put her phone aside and lay down to sleep..

If you have been assaulted sexually or an attempt has been made before on you, be strong and don’t let the devil enjoy seeing you tremble in fear .Put the Matter in care of your Father in Heaven .And please, let bro or sis know before marriage to avoid unnecessary talks later.
If you see any young girl playing unnecessarily with one “uncle ” ,call her and warn her in a language she’ll understand.
If you end up getting married to someone that has gone through something like this before, Please, be considerate and understanding. Don’t hurt them. It could be you in that position.
Fathers and mothers to be, decide now that you will do your best to make sure nothing of such happens to your kids and even if it almost happened they will be confident and comfortable with you enough to involve you.
Protect your daughters, sisters and friends from this destiny destroyers around.
” The Lord shall preserve thee from ALL evil : he shall preserve thy soul. “Psalm 121:7
Say NO to Sexual Harassment and Assault.

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